The Hate On The Left Is Real, And Way Past Becoming Dangerous

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Patriot Prayer vs Antifa protests

The young, Asian college student didn’t realize she was sitting next to a conservative commentator on the trip from Washington, D.C. to New York. The first couple hours of the trip were not exciting as we both slept and worked on our computers. However, as we neared the City, things got interesting.

The young girl called her mom to talk about getting picked up from the station. I wasn’t really paying attention and then I thought I heard the word ‘republicans’ in the conversation and my ears perked up.

Trump Just Won Six More Years

“Republicans are evil. They really need to be killed,” were the next words that came out of her mouth. She proceeded to trash the country, and anyone that did not believe with her views. She called those on the Right – illiterate, stupid, unintelligent, dregs of society, not worth the right to live, while talking to her mother.

Seriously, she did.

Obviously a medical student, she declared, “I’m so angry right now. I’m going to develop a drug for elderly that kills Republicans and saves Democrats. I mean really, I wish I could just go into the nursing homes and kill them all so they won’t vote!

“I hate this f*cking country. I hate the people. I want to move to Singapore, or maybe Amsterdam, where not of these sh*t holes live. I hate them. I literally want to kill them!

After that tirade, she then went into projection overdrive, bemoaning how Republicans believe anything their told and do none of their own research. She talked about how Jim Acosta did nothing wrong at The White House and how the video of him shoving the girl was doctored. She railed against guns; she railed against free speech. She railed against the country where she was obviously getting a first class education.

I was shocked at the level of vitriol coming out of this petite girl’s mouth.

The Hi-Tech Traditionalist: It Is Globalist, Multicultural Policies That Are Enabling The Rebirth Of Anti-Semitism…Government Must Work For All Americans, Or Beware The Inevitable

The hate on the Left is real. Tucker Carlson can attest to that, as he scrubs the graffiti off the walls of his house and repairs, and hopefully reinforces, his entry barrier, or front door.

They are projecting all their behavior on the Right. They refuse to look in the mirror.

There is no reasoning with these people. Unfortunately, the Millennial generation for the most part is completely re-educated in Marxist thought, courtesy of our universities, and their Leftist dogma.

We have to change what kids are taught. Lenin knew that changing education would change historical outcomes. We have to urgently fix this problem, with hopes that Generation Z, supposedly the most conservative in decades, will undo the damage.

In the meantime, we need to strengthen our law enforcement with people who will hold these people accountable for the violence that is sure to come.

A hundred years ago, people just like this destroyed the largest country in Europe, Russia; now they are trying to destroy America.

Patriots need to get off social media and actually do something about it.

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