Analysis of current events in Russia, the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

Why The Death Of Russian Military Blogger Vladlen Tatarsky Matters

According to The Bell, on Sunday evening, Russia’s best-known pro-war blogger, Vladlen Tatarsky, was killed in an IED explosion in a bar while delivering a speech in St. Petersburg. Official reports indicate that at least 30 people were also injured in the blast. The assassination of Tatarsky is expected to have greater repercussions than the murder of Daria Dugina last summer, who was the daughter of the nationalist ideologue Alexander Dugin.

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France On The Brink Of Revolution?

Tens of thousands marched in the streets shouting “Motion of censorship! Vote censorship!” calling on parliament to pass a non-partisan vote of no-confidence in the government to bring down the regime. They also chanted “Out Of NATO,” to express their opposition to Macron’s support for the war in Ukraine while ignoring the needs of his own people.

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