Analysis of current events in Russia, the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

Snowden Weighs In Again On Biden Classified Document Scandal

When one Twitter user tried to claim there was a difference between Biden’s and Snowden’s handling of classified material, saying Snowden took documents intentionally, while Biden did so inadvertently, Snowden quipped, “Yes, and one day you will accept that so did he. One does not ‘accidentally’ hide little stashes of classified documents in basically every location they’ve ever visited unless they are either bending the rules or a particularly acquisitive raccoon.”

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Project Europe Survey: Europeans Want A Peaceful Settlement Of Ukraine Conflict Now!

If political leaders in Brussels and Washington were interested in democracy, they would pay attention to the desires of their own constituents. While claiming the war is about “democracy” in Ukraine, they ignore democracy in their own countries. Based on the results of the new Project Europe survey, it is clear that Europeans expect their leaders to work towards a peaceful settlement of the conflict in Ukraine as soon as possible and to bring a quick end to the war.

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