Ukraine: Duck Swan Effect And The Blood Grain Embargo

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KYIV – Black swan events are rare and unpredictable events that have severe consequences as a result of its occurrence. A black swan event can lead to major losses in the markets and harm in the economy.

People think that Black Swan events popularized and invented by Nassim Taleb are the worst that can come. 

We think we need something more.

Let’s call the recent market crisis caused by this effect a Duck Swan Effect, named after the man who created it – Taras Kachka (surname Duck).

Here it is:

Look at this picture. This is Taras Kachka, he is Deputy Minister of Agriculture in Ukraine. His surname is simple – Duck. He is Taras Duck. He has just created Duck Swan effect by suing 7 countries in Eastern Europe over the embargo imposed on Ukrainian grains. Taras Kachka (Duck) has embargoed Poland apples, meat, carrots, onions, cabbage, etc. Several days later he sued 7 countries. 

As you see from the picture Mr. Kachka (Duck surname) is enjoying himself in Davos.

Do you think Taras Kachka made this decision on its own? We do not know. If he made it on his own, we applaud his cosmic unproportional courage in protecting Ukrainian consumers from Polish apples and Polish cabbage. 

However, we do not think he made this decision on his own. Every decision in the government of Ukraine is decided either by Zelensky+Yermak or by the Embassy of the USA in Kyiv or the Department of State. No other option. The state of of the state (forgive us for this ridiculous expression) is very simple – it’s a manually managed oligarch-based dictatorship under the external financing of the Department of State. Think even more simple: Ukrainian offices are financed by the Department of State. 

How did Mr. Kachka find a job as a Deputy Minister of Agriculture?

Let’s review his biography.

He is a long time Ukrainian government official and… he was a Deputy Director at the Renaissance Foundation owned by George Soros. 

How is that?

Let’s review the income of Taras Kachka:

1.06 million hryvnia – wages in the international fund “Renaissance”;

593.7 thousand hryvnia – part-time salaries at Ukrtransgaz;

478 thousand hryvnia – salaries at the Ministry of Economy;

172 thousand hryvnia – from the Estonian company Corporate End;

12.5 thousand hryvnia – insurance payment;

5.4 thousand hryvnia – honorarium from the NGO “Internews-Ukraine”;

1.4 thousand hryvnia – interest from Ukrgasbank.

Yes. He is on the payroll of Renaissance Foundation. Also, he is an old buddy of another corruptioner Timofiy Mylovanov, who hired Mr. Kachka as his deputy when he was a Minister of Economic Development and Minister of Agriculture. Both ministries were combined under Mr. Mylovanov. Mr. Mylovanov is also on the payroll of Renaissance Foundation. 







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