Trump Just Won Six More Years

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Donald Trump – King of the GOP Jungle

I read a headline on Real Clear Politics today that The Democrats won the House but Donald Trump won the election.

So True.

The Democrats will not be able to help themselves over the next two years. They will ‘investigate’, rage, throw things, pull their hair out, bang on doors, and generally just act like school kids on the playground.

The American people will finally see who they are in vivid, red, communist colors.

While this boorish behavior is going on in the House of Representatives, Donald Trump will be racking up more and more conservative judges in the now mega-conservative Senate to change the direction of the country for decades to come.

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Yes, the new Marxist leadership in the House will cause problems for Trump and The White House. However, don’t forget Trump is the stable genius. He will out think them, out maneuver them, out fox them. His comments today on more ‘investigations’ is a perfect example; if you read carefully, it means there are some fireworks to come and the Dems know it.

Don’t forget, AWOL Jeff Sessions is now gone. Rod Rosenstein? Who knows. What we do know is that Mueller and the Democratic smear machine no longer have top cover.

In short, the way the midterms played out for The Donald is a blessing in disguise.

All of these developments will lead to a public who is very ready to re-elect Donald Trump in 2020 to continue the robust, economic miracle that will see GDP growth in high single digits. They will have seen the Democrats can no longer be trusted with real power. Of course there will always be the 30% of the country who belong to the ‘resistance’ but they will be marginalized.

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The results last night ensure the continuity of the Trump presidency for the next six years…big league.

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