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Moscow Patriarch In No Hurry To Solve Romanov Mystery

Moscow Patriarch Kirill today said the church is in no hurry to solve the mystery of the identity of bodies found alleged to be the remains of the Tsar and his family. Kirill said the Russian Orthodox Church would rather be right than fast. He made the comments while giving an opening speech at the opening session of a conference ‘A Case for the Murder of the Imperial Family: New Expert Studies and Materials. A Discussion’ that opened in the Sretensky monastery in Moscow, reported Russian state news agency TASS.

The leader of the Russian Orthodox Church declared, “Haste is totally ruled out in the case all of us are engaged in. “We should not time it [the release of conclusions – TASS] to public holidays or to the New Year. When we complete the work, then we’ll complete it…These results will furnish us with firm evidence in favor of one or another side.”

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“It’s bigger than just an issues for us if you take the way this murder was committed, what all of it meant in reality, and whether or not the remains that were found were really those of the Czarist family members.”

“This is a matter linked to the spiritual life of our people because the Imperial Family has been canonized and the rank-and-file people venerate it,” Kirill I said. “That’s why we don’t have the right for an error.”

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Chairman of the Forensic Association of Russia’s North-West and President of the International Congress of Forensic Sciences Vyacheslav Popov also stated at the conference that the bodies of the Tsar and his family were most likely not destroyed completely.

“There are no reasons to overestimate the running force of sulfuric acid, which, of course, could have been poured onto the bodies, but in that case it could not have destroyed it with that concentration,” he stated.

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