Russian Orthodox Church

Putin Donates “Trinity” Icon To Russian Orthodox Church

Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave in to “numerous requests from Orthodox worshippers” and donated the 15th-century “Trinity” icon to the Russian Orthodox Church. The icon is believed to be the work of religious artist Andrei Rublev and many experts and artists advised against the turnover claiming that the church did not have the ability to take care of such a fragile piece of art, voicing concerns that it would eventually be destroyed.

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Zakharova Blasts NATO For Escalation Of War In Ukraine

At her weekly press briefing on Friday, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova blasted NATO for its role in escalating the war in Ukraine. Commenting on the NATO meetings in Brussels this week to increase military aid to Ukraine, she said “the main takeaway from this meeting was that Vladimir Zelensky’s regime was literally ordered to launch a counteroffensive this spring…. From a Euro-Atlantic perspective, the time has come to exterminate those who are still alive in this country.”

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