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Zakharova Blasts NATO For Escalation Of War In Ukraine

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova via official website

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At her weekly press briefing on Friday, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova blasted NATO for its role in escalating the war in Ukraine. Commenting on the NATO meetings in Brussels this week to increase military aid to Ukraine, she said “the main takeaway from this meeting was that Vladimir Zelensky’s regime was literally ordered to launch a counteroffensive this spring…. From a Euro-Atlantic perspective, the time has come to exterminate those who are still alive in this country.”

The Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman emphasized the role of the Western Military Industrial Complex in working to prolong the war. “It is clear that the pumping of weapons into Ukraine is being financed by large Western companies, which look forward to lining their pockets from the conflict,” she said. “They do not care about the people. But it has always been like that. The price of that self-serving policy is the lives of innocent people. Although the targets are allegedly chosen in Kiev, they are coordinated with the United States and its NATO allies, as U.S. Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, who is the main architect of Ukraine’s current ‘happiness,’ has said. They do not care that the targets are residential buildings, schools, hospitals, and kindergartens. And their corrupted pet NGOs are keeping silent about that. Even when they speak up, which happens very rarely, they are immediately told by their donors to shut up.”

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Zakharova ridiculed claims by Western nations that they are not directly involved in the war in Ukraine. “NATO countries continue to assure the international community that they are not parties to the conflict. How come? They are fully involved. They have been staging provocations for years, and now they are guiding the Kiev regime by hand,” she told reporters. “There is a clear connection between corruption, funding, weapons, and the like. They are interconnected, yet they claim that they are not parties to the conflict. It is the uttermost cynicism; more than that, it is the cowardly refusal to admit that they are involved in the crimes committed by the Ukrainian military.”

“Vladimir Zelensky continues to line his pockets”

“Vladimir Zelensky continues to line his pockets, just as Petr Poroshenko before him, but on a much larger scale,” the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman asserted, referring to the corruption of the Zelensky regime which has been diverting substantial amounts of Western aid to personal accounts around the world.

She also criticized the lack of response by Western authorities to the religious oppression that the Zelensky regime is imposing on those living in Ukraine. “Ukrainian authorities do not renounce their attempts to make short work of the country’s largest canonical church, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church,” she pointed out. “Members of the Verkhovna Rada are reviewing four bills that aim to curtail its activities, sequester its property and change its name. On February 12, 2023, the media reported that the government had submitted a bill on banning the Ukrainian Orthodox Church to the Verkhovna Rada. All these documents grossly violate the national constitution. We are not even talking about the norms that have been signed by most countries, including those on the European continent.”

“One of their last beacons of hope, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, is being dismantled before their eyes”

“It is not surprising that the anti-church campaign unleashed by the Kiev regime is causing discontent in various groups of Ukrainian society. People are confused and are wondering why their already disastrous situation in Ukraine is worsening,” Zakharova added. “One of their last beacons of hope, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, is being dismantled before their eyes. This is not just cynicism. I think it is one of the manifestations of the genocide the North Atlantic agencies and elite are committing in Ukraine.”

Zakharova told reporters, “we have not heard the “democratic and “liberal” West even once explicitly condemn the Kiev regime’s brutal and lawless actions, although it says it champions human rights, pluralism, freedom of speech and opinion…. But the Westerners, as before, are covering up for their puppets, watching in silence as they trample over the biggest church in their country. This is not even about a church; it’s about people who believe, and who identify themselves with a certain religious group. This is not just the destruction of books (that seems to be normal in the West, as we have seen), but the destruction of people’s faith, an attempt to rewire their minds, to reboot their consciousness, their will, and their mentality.” It should be noted that these policies are not only affecting ethnic Russians living in Ukraine, but other nationalities, including Romanians and Hungarians, who are being oppressed by the Zelensky regime.

“I have no doubt that they will tell us that Ivan Aivazovsky or Michelangelo were, for example, transgender people, rather than men”

Maria Zakharova also lashed out at Ukrainian efforts to change the names and ethnic identities of places, monuments, and historic figures. “If you can change a person’s citizenship and ethnic background without any facts and contrary to established facts and documents, you can change anything. Do you think they will stop at that? No, they won’t,” she said. “They will go on to change genders. I have no doubt that they will tell us that Ivan Aivazovsky or Michelangelo were, for example, transgender people, rather than men. Why not? This is already happening with historical and cultural figures appearing in the books billionaires view as sacred. British would-be scientists now claim that everything in the New Testament happened with a transgender person or a person with a fluid gender identity. They are already on their way. Will Ivan Aivazovsky and Arkhip Kuindzhi, together with Ilya Repin, become women or transgender?”

“They also change races at will,” she continued. “I saw a book cover yesterday, Alexandre Dumas’ The Three Musketeers. It turned out that the characters were not representatives of the white European race but representatives of different ethnicities. This is how the artist sees them. And they are trying to force this historical ‘reality’ on us, openly inferring that this is not tolerance but a substitution of concepts…. The West has cultivated Ukrainian Nazis and criminals. But it is unable to nurture great humanists, thinkers, or artists for the Kiev regime. So, the West has been doing what it is best at, that is, steal.”

“They are silent because speaking up has become dangerous in Ukraine long before 2022”

She concluded her remarks to the press, stating, “The collective West has clearly indicated that it has resolved to continue giving billions of dollars to the Nazi regime, which is drowning in blood and corruption, even though aid for Ukraine is weighing ordinary Europeans down. And the Ukrainian authorities, who are serving the interests of their Western sovereigns, intend to continue fighting ‘to the last Ukrainian’ and to break the spiritual and cultural ties between people (not to mention countries), contrary to the interests of these people, who have to silently comply. They are silent because speaking up has become dangerous in Ukraine long before 2022. Many human rights activists, journalists, and political writers have been killed there…. No matter how hard they try to harm Russia, truth will prevail, as it has many times throughout history. More and more countries, public figures, and politicians are coming to see the mendacity of the West’s policy to preserve their domination at any cost.”

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