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Russia Working Towards Artificial Intelligence For Drones

Image by Vitaly V. Kuzmin

The Kronstadt Group, a Russian manufacturer, is working towards artificial intelligence for drones in the future, and drone swarms, all working together for military or civilian purposes, say CEO Armen Isaakyan.

“We strive to create AI management and software systems for any types of unmanned vehicles, not just for military purposes, but for civil usage as well, particularly for spheres that pose danger to people’s life and health, public order or infrastructure,” he said, reports Russian state news agency TASS.

“It will, undoubtedly, happen in the future. To date, it’s too early to talk about such “swarms”, except for some secret programs, perhaps. Still, there already exist completely autonomous AI operation systems that provide the means for UAV clusters, when they fulfill missions autonomously, sharing tasks between them, and interact.”

He also spoke of UAV defensive systems, “I believe such drone defense systems will become obligatory for all in the future. We are also mulling over it. That’s a promising issue our specialists are working on.”

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