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Russia Uses Sex To Sell Totalitarianism (Video)

Image by Okras

Russian performing artist Alisa Vox released a video Monday, called “Baby Boy,” in which she mocks young men for protesting the government, saying they should be worried about sexy girls and money instead. Russia has obviously ramped up a media effort to counter the recent spat of protests which seem to be growing. The Alexei Navalny protests over alleged corruption by Russian Prime Minister Medvedev seem to have been particularly troubling to the Kremlin. A new initiative to resettle millions of Russians from old Soviet-era apartment blocks have also caused mass civil unrest in Moscow and elsewhere.

“Vox mocks a young man for participating in political protests, describing him as a naive underachiever who should focus on his studies, rather than “get into politics.” Not one to avoid promises of her own, Vox concludes her song by offering Russia’s angry young men “freedom, money, women, and even power,” so long as they cut out the anti-government activism,” reports The Moscow Times.


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