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Putin Explains How To Raise A Decent Man

Putin Explains How To Raise A Decent Man
Image by Kremlin.ru

Russian President Vladimir Putin today explained to the Russian people how to raise a decent man.

The head of state on the Children’s Day in a solemn ceremony gives the Kremlin the Orders of Parental Glory, which were awarded to the fathers and mothers of large families. The President noted that the path of the parent is first and foremost a happy and grateful one, but very difficult and responsible, full of hassle and troubles. According to him, the role of the parent requires colossal devotion, patience and strength, reported RIA Novosti.

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“We need to prove our fidelity to these values ​​day by day with our own personal example. This is the only way to raise a truly worthy person, a worthy citizen of Russia, and your families are the best proof of this. Of course, parental labor knows neither rest nor days off, in his nature, an amazing reward is laid, which more than covers all the difficulties.

“I understand perfectly that parents, especially those who dream of a large family, need confidence that their children will have access to modern quality education and healthcare, that they will be able to improve their living conditions, live in comfortable, well-organized settlements, villages, cities, etc. Each child will have the opportunity to do what he is interested in, develop his abilities and talents. We consistently work in all these areas and will continue to do so.

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“Since the beginning of this year, a subsidy for the mortgage rate for families with the second and third children has started, and I expect that the program to increase the availability of nurseries, which we are launching after a similar project for kindergartens, will also bring the necessary, necessary results to people.”

The Order “Parental Glory” was established on May 13, 2008. They are awarded parents and adoptive parents, who bring up seven or more children. The recipients should be married and, together with their children, should form a socially responsible family, lead a healthy lifestyle, ensure an adequate level of care for the health, education, physical, spiritual and moral development of children, complete and harmonious development of their personality, and set an example in strengthening institute of family and education of children, added RIA Novosti.

It is no secret that Russia has a demographics problem. Russian officials recently admitted that the country will lose 800,000 people a year from the work force over the next decade as Russians continue to have babies below the replenishment birthrate.

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