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Iran’s Supreme Leader Becomes Disillusioned With Europe’s Attempts To Amend Iran Deal

Iran's Supreme Leader Becomes Disillusioned With Europe's Attempts To Amend Iran Deal

With the U.S. having pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal, Ali Khamenei, the Iranian Regime Supreme Leader, began showing signs of losing hope in Europe as well, as governments on the Continent attempt to amend the agreement.

He declared on June 5, 2018, during a speech:

“Today, there are those who insist on imposing a disfigured deal to our country. Foreign governments are looking to have people inside the country promote this idea, warning it is either this or war. No, this is a lie. This propaganda is in favor of the enemy,” he said.

“One day on Tehran’s streets, marking Quds Day in defense of Palestine, we witnessed people chanting ‘Not Gaza, Not Lebanon,’” Khamenei said, acknowledging how the Iranian people oppose his regime’s foreign meddling policies.

“The enemy knows if they launch one missile, we’ll launch dozens back. Missiles, producing a variety of missiles and the strength of our missiles will provide security for our country,” he said.

Interesting is how the Fars news agency, associated directly with the Revolutionary Guards, changed the title of its piece covering Khamenei piece two, “If they launch one missile, we’ll launch two.”

In his speech Khamenei also referred to protests held by people from all walks of life across the country, describing this phenomenon as an enemy conspiracy.

It is no secret the Trump administration is supporting dissidents inside Iran, as opposed to the Obama White House, which turned a blind eye when the opportunity to unseat the regime presented itself at the beginning of the decade.

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