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Russian Media Dumbfounded At America Embracing Bolsheviks, Like The Ones That Destroyed Russia

Red army attack Kronstadt (1921)

As anyone with any knowledge of foreign affairs is well aware, Russia is no longer communist. Although Stalin’s memory is making a nostalgic comeback in some parts of the society, most Russians abhor communism, and what it did to their country. A columnist in Russian media outlet RIA Novosti, Victor Marahovski, outlined his thoughts on the subject today in Moscow.

The Left Wants To End America As We Know Her

[Speaking of the lessons Russians have learned, he said]… But the collective West – and America in particular – was less fortunate. The brainwashing disaster didn’t happen to her. The social trends and tools that brought down the USSR continued to evolve peacefully on university campuses. From there they spread through the media, by corporations, by public and state structures.

It is important to remember here that the titans of the Cold War, who made an invaluable contribution to the ideological victory over the “communist bloc”, were at the same time stars of American universities. Gene Sharp, who advised the Baltic National Democrats before the collapse of the Soviet Union, did not self-destruct with [the USSR], but continued to educate professionals of destruction and propaganda.

And then there was a turning point. Against the new world order forged in the cold war, half of America suddenly rebelled, electing “nationalist” Trump as president. And at that moment, the US itself became the legitimate prey of its own professional revolutionaries and its own masters of the collapse of empires.

And so we read dozens of instructions in the advanced media of America on how exactly to use the monstrous weapon – the same Sharpe – against our own compatriots.

“The Russian scenario of catastrophe” has fallen on the USA and Europe”

And therefore we see in them a parade of their own oppressed “Balts” – black, red and, of course, rainbow – falling asleep American intellectuals with viral feelings of guilt. And American intellectuals — in their own way, are almost the same elves as Soviet intellectuals — as we see, are massively infected. And they themselves willingly join the solemn demolition of monuments, not realizing that they are demolishing, by and large, their own foundation.

The Hi-Tech Traditionalist: The Second War For American Independence Is Upon Us

… By the way, in the case of Columbus, there is another gloomy symbolism. The cult of this discoverer began to spread in North America on the wave of the national liberation struggle against England at the end of the XVIII century. A non-Englishman figure was required that would symbolize the New World. It was then that “Colombia” began to poetically name the whole of America and in honor of Columbus began to call settlements, and so on. “Colombia” for traditional Americans sounded something like “Holy Russia” or “Motherland”, heroically and inspiringly.

Therefore, the annulment of this concept in the modern United States is difficult to overestimate.

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