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Mariam is from Tbilisi, Georgia. She’s a graduate from the Free University of Tbilisi, where she studied governance and social sciences. She worked for several news agencies as a reporter specializing in international politics. Other than that she’s a devoted liberty activist and works with NGOs, activist groups, and grassroots movements in the South Caucasus region and throughout Europe. From 2015 she has been an organizer of a civic campaign which has been launched to counter the rise in anti-western messages and propaganda in the Caucasus region. She speaks English, Russian and French and is passionate about philosophy, biotechnology and the future of Artificial Intelligence.
Column 3 News

Ukraine Claims Russian Involvement In Its Biggest Ever Cyber Attack

Mariam Gogolishvili
The global attack of the extortion virus Petya on Tuesday struck IT systems of companies in several countries of the world, mostly affecting Ukraine, as well...
Column 2 News

Vice President Mike Pence To Travel To Georgia

Mariam Gogolishvili
According to the White House The United States (US) Vice President Mike Pence will pay a visit to Estonia, Georgia, and Montenegro in July 30-August 2,...
Analysis Column 1

Russia Concerned Over Georgia-NATO Relations

Mariam Gogolishvili
  Geneva International Discussions The 40th round of the Geneva International Discussions (GID) was held on June 20-21 in Geneva. The GID is a multilateral...

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