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Terror Attack In Dagestan – Main Targets Orthodox Church And Synogogue

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UPDATE from Telegram Channels:

The ISIS style Islamic attack in Dagestan:

Six of the terrorists were also killed in an exchange of fire with the Russian security forces. The attack initially focused on two targets at the same time – A synagogue in the city of Derbent, the third largest in the region, and two Orthodox churches – one in the capital of the republic Makhachkala and the other in Derbent. Several black-clad terrorists shot dead a guard at the entrance to the synagogue, which was empty of worshipers at that time, and set fire to the building. At the same time, the two churches were attacked with gunfire, and the terrorists penetrated one. They came from Derbent, and murdered the Orthodox priest who was staying there, Father Nikolai, 66 years old. According to the authorities, Shosef was killed and he was brutally murdered. The terrorists fought a battle with police officers who were rushed to the scene, and in the end, after a few hours, special forces managed to eliminate five of the terrorists in battles in the area of ​​the church in Makhachkala.

An update on the ongoing terrorist attack in Southern Russia – 

1) 4 simultaneously shootings reported at various locations.

2) The main targets were an Orthodox church & Synagogue.

3) A total of 14 civilian & Police men have been killed in the attack.

4) Gunfight is still ongoing.

The attack occurred in two cities — Derbent and Makhachkala.

Russian independent media channel Baza reported:

A priest was killed during an attack on a church in Derbent. A security guard was also shot at a church in Makhachkala, said Shamil Khadulaev, chairman of the Public Monitoring Commission of Dagestan, in his telegram channel.

“According to the information I received, Father Nikolai was killed in a church in Derbent and his throat was cut. He was 66 years old and very ill.

Security guard Mikhail in the Makhachkala-1 church, armed only with a gas pistol, was shot.”

The page of the head of the Sergokalinsky district of Dagestan, Magomed Omarov, has disappeared from the United Russia website. He is a member of the regional political council and secretary of the local party branch.

Omarov’s two sons took part in an attack on police officers and a synagogue in Makhachkala and were later liquidated. According to preliminary data, the third person liquidated was Omarov’s nephew.

According to Baza, Omarov himself was taken to the police department.

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