The Left Wants To End America As We Know Her

For some time now, I have wondered to myself what the leftists’ real goal is as they work to divide the nation, corrupt our youth, destroy our institutions and revel in their criminal behavior to steal elections.

This week it hit me.

The goal is simply to end the existence of the United States as we know it, as it was founded, and destroy the freedom, rule of law, capitalism that is represents.

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It is not just to gain power and implement their “progressive” (read: communist) agenda; it is to literally end America.

This week, New York Magazine ran this headline, “Divided We Stand. The country is hopelessly split. So why not make it official and break up?”
Yes, this is the goal; it is slowly being propagandized by the corrupt Marxist media.

The communists lost the Cold War in an economic and military collapse. Since then, they have sought to re-establish their power by embedding themselves and their ideology in our universities, to corrupt the younger generations, and the media, to control the thought processes of the low information voter.

It has worked. It may be too late to stop it.

As we sit and watch election after election being stolen by the Left, days, and weeks after the midterm elections, a dozen house races at last count, conservatives, patriots, and even reasonable Democrats need to realize this is an all-out attempt by nefarious, Marxist forces to destroy the only opposition they have to enacting their schemes of global dominance, control, and tyranny.

I would bet money that the massive, Chinese, communist machine is behind much of this behavior. All you have to understand is that they are bent on destroying our way of life and the freedom it represents. Any nation that can gleefully put a million of its citizens in concentration camps will have no problem with this kind of deceit.

These evil actors want to split America, and remove it as a player on the world stage.

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It is time for us to try and unite, to save this great nation, this great idea, this shining city on the hill, for her gleam is dimming in the communist sun.

It will take work. It means getting in the classrooms. It means voting. It means demanding our leaders enforce the rule of law. It may mean buying a gun while you still can.

This is serious. Our future is on the line. Time to rise.

Originally posted at The Washington Times

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