Putin Pulls Power Move On United States With Death Of Arch Rival

Kind of ‘up in your grill, don’t you think? Biden administration is now completely feckless

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After essentially defeating Ukrainian forces yesterday at Avdiivka in Donbass, the Tucker Carlson interview, and enjoying the very public investigations of Joe Biden and his cabal, Russian President Vladimir Putin just made a serious power move, by announcing the death of his arch rival, political figure Alexei Navalny.

Navalny was attacked repeatedly by Kremlin operatives over the last decade, even allegedly being poisoned by Russian intelligence operations at one point, eventually recovering in Germany.

He was imprisoned over corruption charges that many believe were politically motivated.

Navalny was a complicated figure, and obviously was being supported by Western intelligence services. Former CIA Chief John Brennan even said as much in a tweet several years ago, where he longed for a world run by Joe Biden in the United States, and Alexei Navalny in Russia.

The announcement of Navalny’s death is a finger in the eye of The White House and the Western intelligence establishment.

Five Eyes had used Navalny as a club to bludgeon the Kremlin over the years, and his very existence created a threat to Putin’s rule. After exposing Kremlin corruption, he repeatedly also went after other figures in the Russian government.

Hillary Clinton’s State Department attempted a color revolution in Moscow, putting hundreds of thousands of protesters in Moscow streets to bring down Putin prior to Trump’s presidency.

Now Navalny’s no longer a problem for the Russian government, and Putin has established dominance over the Biden regime.

This is the end of a long and dramatic chapter in Russian-American relations.

You could say Putin just pissed all over Biden, Brennan, Hillary Clinton and the CIA in public.

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D3F1ANT February 16, 2024 at 1:04 pm

Hillary handles her political opponents in this way…Putin isn’t SO different.


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