Poisoned Russian Opposition Leader Navalny Makes Weird Statement, Says US Election ‘Conducted Fairly’, Raising Questions As To Possible Globalist Ties In West

Poisoned Russian Opposition Leader Navalny Makes Weird Statement, Says US Election 'Conducted Fairly', Raising Questions As To Possible Globalist Ties In West
Image by Evgeny Feldman

Poisoned Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny may be just trying to curry favor with a possible new American administration, or he may have just revealed ties to the globalist, anti-populist Western Deep State.

In strange comments, Navalny congratulated Joe Biden on his alleged win, even before word from the Kremlin, and in spite of massive ongoing lawsuits and overwhelming evidence of election fraud in the Nov 3rd U.S. general election.

Navalny in a tweet congratulated Biden, running mate Kamala Harris and Americans for “defining the new leadership in a free and fair election”, reported The Moscow Times.

“This is a privilege which is not available to all countries,” said Navalny, who is recovering in Germany from a suspected poisoning earlier this year.

Frankly these comments, and their timing, coming so soon after the corrupt media cabal’s calling Joe Biden President-elect, raise questions as to Navalny’s sources of funding from the West, as Navalny is obviously spouting the Democrat party line.

The election is nowhere near over.

The comments may be innocent, and we have no proof of ties to Soros or other groups, but the timing was strikingly in bad form, and suspect.

Tsarizm is not pro or anti-Kremlin. We simply call truth as we see it.

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Show me November 10, 2020 at 11:34 am

This is at best, an odd or peculiar statement for Navalny to be making.
I think Putin made a statement, Russia would not be congratulating the winner of the US election until the final, official result comes in, so maybe Navalny thinks he’s just opposing Putin on general principals, but how would he have any information about it?
To make such a statement at this time, before all the official results come in would indicate he has some kind of inside information, or else is talking without any kind of data backing up his statement.
Does he think the US electoral system works like the Russian system?
From now on, I’m going to be leery of believing anything he says.


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