The Land For Peace Myth


What is happening right now in Israel, on the Gaza border, is not persecution of the so-called Palestinians. No, what is happening is an orchestrated, made-for-TV narrative, that the corrupt media in the West is swallowing, and promoting, hook, line and sinker, to the detriment of our uneducated youth.

The Arabs of Gaza do not want peace. They want to kill Jews. They want the land that has historically belonged to the Jewish people. Hamas is a terrorist organization.

The Palestinians wanted their children killed. They sent them to the border. They wanted bloody bodies to show the press. They don’t care about their own people.

I’ve been to Gaza during the 2014 war between Gaza and Israel. I stood on the top of a Jewish Yeshiva when the Arab rockets started to reign down, one exploding a few yards from me. I’ve seen the Jewish grandmother having a nervous breakdown as the unguided projectiles landed in her backyard where her grandchildren were playing, shrapnel shredding the nearby buildings.

There is an easy game you can play with American millennials, when they demand Israel stop “persecuting” the Arabs who live in Gaza. You can ask them if they are aware that President Clinton offered a Palestinian state to the those who live there and the West Bank but that Yasser Arafat refused. You can ask them if they are aware that the place where Arabs in the Middle East have the most freedom is inside of Israel. You can ask them if they are aware that the first Jewish temple was built five thousand years ago, and that Arabs are actively destroying evidence of Jewish civilization inside the Mosque the site of the second temple. Or, you could ask them if they are aware that Israel unilaterally withdrew from the Gaza Strip for peace but it didn’t happen.

Iran Turning Its Sights On Israel

It didn’t happen because the Arab terrorists do not want peace. They want to destroy Israel.

However, perhaps the best thing you can do to show them the absurdity of the “land for peace” narrative is to show them the image above, which outlines how small a sliver of land the Jewish people have in the Middle East.

Israel giving control of the territories back to the Arabs will make Israel indefensible. At one point it would be only a mile wide. Israel knows this. The United Nations knows this. The Arabs and Persians know this.

The current “demonstrations” are not about peace in the Middle East. They are about killing Jews and wiping Israel off the map.

Israel And Russia Manage Relations Over Syria

As the former Jewish leader, Golda Meier famously said, “We will have peace when the Arabs love their own children more than they hate us.” This maxim is still very true today.

Originally posted at The Washington Times

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