Iran Turning Its Sights On Israel

We’ve predicted for some time that once the fight between pro-Assad Shia elements (Iran/Hezbollah) and Sunni Islamists in the Middle East wound down, Iran and its proxies would turn their attention towards Israel to achieve their longstanding dream of wiping the Jewish State off the map.

Israel has been attempting to slow the process by preemptively destroying targets inside Syria which threaten its security.

Russian Attack Jet Shot Down Over Syria By Rebels, Pilot Dead

If you’ve looked at a map of the Middle East, it is painfully obvious that Israel really is not defensible from a geographic standpoint. The Israeli Defense Force, or IDF, learned its lessons well during the Yom Kippur War when its existence was threatened by Arab armies on all sides. Once military forces with dangerous capabilities are in place along its borders, it’s too late. The is why the ‘land for peace’ narrative is so dangerous, as it really is an agenda to make Israel impossible to protect militarily.

Today, the long-simmering fight between Hezbollah and Israel has broken out in the open as an Israeli F-16 was shot down while on a mission against air-defense targets in Syria. The IDF subsequently launched massive attacks against obviously pre-planned targets, using the incident as an excuse to remove dangerous weapons near the Golan.

Today’s developments highlight the disastrous consequences of the Obama foreign policy which was one to betray our allies and help the mullahs of Iran gain power. However, today Israel has the most friendly American president in recent history on its side. They will use this reality to their advantage and press to remove the threats to the Jewish State’s security.

Moscow Alarmed To Face ManPADs In Syria

Israel has been watching Hezbollah and Iran encroach on its territory for some time now. They may have had enough of it.

Originally posted at The Washington Times

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