Moscow Alarmed To Face ManPADs In Syria
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Moscow Alarmed To Face ManPADs In Syria

The Kremlin expressed ‘alarm’ at facing man portable air defense systems, or ManPADs, in the Syrian theater. The Russian Su-25 recently downed in Syria by anti-Assad forces reportedly used a shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missile.

UPDATE/PHOTOS: Russian Media Reports 7 Aircraft Destroyed By Radical Islamist Mortar Attack On Russian Airbase In Syria

Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters, “We can definitely say that we are highly concerned about the fact that terrorists own man-portable air defense systems. It poses a great danger to all countries,” Reported Russian state news agency TASS.

“When Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke about the completion of the active phase of the operation to support the Syrian armed forces in their counter-terror activity, he said that the remaining potential of the Russian military contingent at temporary bases was sufficient to deliver a crushing blow against terrorists, if necessary,” added Peskov.

Russian Attack Jet Shot Down Over Syria By Rebels, Pilot Dead

The Kremlin went on to ‘thank American citizens’ for their condolences over the dead Russian pilot. “We want to thank all American citizens sending us their condolences on the death of a Russian fighter pilot who was killed in action against terrorists in Syria,” the statement reads. “This tragedy has once again proven that there are people in the US, who realize the necessity of fighting common evil together. There is no doubt that our victory is imminent. Together we could achieve it faster and with less casualties,” said the Russian embassy in Washington, reported TASS.

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