Woke Lindsey Graham Is Right, The Democratic Party Is Nothing But Organized Crime On A Massive Level

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Senator Lindsey Graham said this week the obvious while appearing on Hannity on Fox News, “There’s nothing Democrats won’t do to win.”

There are no seven words that are more accurate in the English language.

Let’s take a step back and look at our situation from the 30,000 level.

Socialism has never worked…anywhere, anytime, throughout history. Eventually, you always run out of other people’s money, or import a million migrants to destroy your culture and security. The vaunted ‘Nordic socialism’ is looking much less vaunted these days as rampant crime destroys their safety and the migrant welfare state crushes the old Sweden, turning it into something very different than it used to be. Norway, long dependent on oil to maintain its nanny state, is now dipping into its sovereign wealth fund to pay the bills, and of course, below the Equator, Venezuela is descending into anarchy.

The Left in America has been unable to win fairly in the arena of ideas. They also cannot compete in a meritocracy, like the American economy. So what’s a good communist to do? Well cheat of course.

I won’t go into the mile-deep rabbit hole of the Obama presidency, which we may never fully understand as to its corruption and deceit, and damage to America. I’ve written on that before here: America’s First Black President Was Also The Most Corrupt In History.

However, it has become obvious over the last two years that in order to regain power, and to push their destructive policies and ideology, the Left in the United States has to steal, commit voter fraud, ignore reality, lie, fool themselves, and attempt to fool others. The party is simply a massive criminal organization, no better than any banana republic or former communist oligarchy, only focused on maintaining power.

It is also very obvious that the current younger generation, which has become enamored with socialism as a way of life, really has no idea what it is. They bash capitalism while talking on their iPhones, never thinking that a socialist society would never produce such a product. They are truly what Lenin called, “useful idiots”.

Barack Obama Destroyed The Democratic Party For A Generation, And Almost Destroyed America

These people have no idea what the loss of freedom would entail.

For that reason, we have to think for them, for they are simply lost. We have to refocus on properly educating the generation behind them.

I for one am hopeful that there are enough young people who have been raised right in this country, forgive the pun. I know a few of them.

In the mean time, we are losing our culture and our rule of law. We have to stop this process, in its tracks, and slowly begin to reverse it.

It will take patriots getting off social media, and getting into the classrooms. It will take work…but America is worth it.

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