Barack Obama Destroyed The Democratic Party For A Generation, And Almost Destroyed America

If the Democrats were smart, they would be running away from Barack Obama, instead of inviting him back in to campaign for them. But alas, they are not smart. In fact, they are willfully ignorant to the damage this man has done to their party, much less our beautiful country.

Not convinced that is the case? Well, let’s just run through some facts.

The Democratic Party during Obama’s reign was decimated in state legislatures and governorships. The numbers are simply astounding. All politics is local and the local residents, in an overwhelming majority, voted out the Marxist Obama party across the country, except in the historically liberal areas like the big cities and Hollywood.

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Currently the Democrats hold no branch of the federal government. You could make a very good argument that Donald Trump’s election was directly related to the disgust the country felt towards Barack Hussein Obama and his anti-American, even seditious policies.

Americans are not stupid. When you use the agencies of the federal government against the political opposition, they understand what is happening. When you fly billions of dollars in cash to the world’s most prolific sponsor of terror, in the middle of the night in an unmarked aircraft, Americans understand what is going on. I could go on and on.

The corrupt media, the Democrats long-term ace in the hole, has lost all credibility. We are seeing the process of good old-fashioned creative destruction happening as we speak regarding legacy news outlets. New providers are coming on line, in spite of the Left’s efforts to block them on the internet. I submit that in 10 years, our media landscape will look much different. Americans understand when they are being lied to. The Marxist Democratic Party will not longer have such a lock on the message being broadcast to America.

The racial divide created, enabled and nurtured by Obama is being torn away. Kanye West is just another example in a long line of minorities who have left the Democratic plantation. The Leftists can no longer count on the black vote they have enjoyed for generations. They simply cannot win with black support in the mid-thirties as Rasmussen has reported over recent weeks. This is why they are so determined to destroy Kanye and those like him who are brave enough to think for themselves.

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The reputation of the party has been destroyed. They are now seen as an un-hinged, communist mob by two-thirds of the country. This does not lead to victory at the ballot box; although, it does lead to a lot of noise and TV coverage.

The subterfuge at our universities and the brainwashing of our youth has been uncovered and called out. It will take time, but this Democratic marathon to corrupt our children will be unwound. Trump’s second term will see to that.

We are about to see major anti-trust and regulatory action against the dominant social media companies, as what they are doing is un-American, corrupt, and just plain wrong; it is dangerous. Americans can see when they are being censored and they don’t like it one bit.

These are just a few examples, but there is no doubt that Obama destroyed the party as we knew it. It is no longer the party of JFK. It is the party of Lenin, who also destroyed a great country, Russia.

Speaking of countries, Obama also came close to destroying America, which was his agenda all along. But thank God, America got wise to his deceipt, and elected Donald Trump, who is making America great again!

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