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Russia Threatens Trump On Withdrawing From Iran Deal

Image by IlshatS: Сәйетгәлин Илшат Салауат улы/Ilshat Saitgalin/Саитгалин Ильшат Салаватович

The Kremlin threatened President Donald Trump today with negative consequences if the U.S. leaves the Iran Nuclear ‘Deal’ supposedly ‘negotiated’ with the Obama administration. President Trump has suggested he will ‘decertify’ the agreement later this month as the deadline approaches for America to stay in the pact.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said today, “President (Vladimir) Putin has repeatedly stressed the importance of the agreements on the Iranian nuclear dossier. No doubt, the withdrawal of any country from this deal, and moreover, such a key country as the United States, will definitely have negative consequences.”

Russia, Iran In Talks For $10 Billion Arms Deal

“To what degree, how and in what timeframe – one may only try to analyze, and we are doing this right now,” reported Russian state news agency TASS.

President Obama negotiated the deal, with world powers and Iran, in theory to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapons capability. In reality, the deal did little to stop Iran’s progress in that area; indeed, Iran’s ballistic missile testing has continued unabated. What the deal did to however was to provide the terrorist, Iranian regime with billions of dollars in capital to fund terror around the world and harm American interests and allies in the Middle East. President Trump has repeatedly said Iran is not ‘living up to the spirit of the deal.’

Recently President Trump, while standing with military leaders, said “This is the calm before the storm,” in an obvious threat to Iran and North Korea due to their behavior.

Iranian Leader To Meet Putin In Moscow

Russia has benefited greatly from the agreement, primarily by selling weapons and other technology to Iran, who is now flush with cash, thanks to Obama.

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