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Further Blackouts In Crimea As Energy Used As A Weapon

Further Blackouts In Crimea As Energy Used As A Weapon
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The Crimean Peninsula continues to suffer from power blackouts as Russian authorities have begun rolling blackouts to curtail power use during a very hot summer and prevent overloading the regions power system, reports The Moscow Times.

“We’ll Have To Give Up Crimea To Release Donbass” – Savchenko Causing Controversy Again

Temperatures in Krim, as pronounced in Russia, have reached 40 degrees Celsius. Over 100,000 people had their power cutoff for two hours on Monday.

Energy has been an important weapon in the fight between pro-Russian separatists in East Ukraine, the Russian-annexed region of Crimea, and the Ukrainian government. Power lines running into Crimea from Ukraine have been repeatedly cut during the conflict. Destruction of power infrastructure in rebel areas has also been commonplace.

Russia recently raised the ire of the EU when the Kremlin illegally shipped power turbines from the German company Siemens into Crimea. Moscow has struggled to provide basic power to the peninsula during the heightened tensions.

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