Someone Is Killing Pro-Russian ‘Frozen Conflict’ Leaders


You’ve heard the expression that airplane crashes happen in threes. Well, I would venture that assassinations of pro-Russian leaders of legacy, frozen conflicts of the Soviet Union do not. In fact, nothing has ever happened like this – it is not an accident or coincidental.

The pro-Russian President of Moldova, Igor Dodon, was injured and taken to the hospital after a car rammed his motorcade while traveling in Moldova near the town of Straseni. His car was flipped over by the violence of the crash.

We posted information on this event here: Moldovan President Injured In Vehicle Crash…Hmmmm.

The day before, the prime minister of the pro-Russian, breakaway territory of Abkhazia was killed while traveling back to his home from a trip to Sochi, Russia. Again, it seems a car rammed his motorcade, reported RT. Officials listed the crash as an accident. Abkhazia and South Ossetia split from the former Soviet republic of Georgia (where Stalin was from) after a violent war in 2008 where hundreds died. The Putin government has looked to incorporate both areas into the Russian armed forces and continues to move border lines further into Georgian territory.

Last week, the pro-Russian leader of the breakaway region of East Ukraine, the Donetsk People’s Republic, or DPR, was assassinated by a bomb placed in the restaurant in Donetsk where he was eating.

We wrote about it here: Alexander Zakharchenko, Leader Of Donetsk People’s Republic, Assassinated In Explosion

There were many theories as to who was behind this killing. Some analysts say the Kremlin wanted to remove an irritant. Moscow blamed Kyiv security forces for the murder.

Could there be another answer?

Could the American Deep State be pushing for conflict with Russia? Could the Trump administration be upping the pressure on Moscow to come to the table for negotiations in Syria, East Ukraine, and other areas in an attempt to stop Russian malign behavior? Could Moscow be ‘cleaning the decks’ for a broader deal with Trump as China rises and threatens Russia and the United States?

One thing for sure – this is the stuff spy thriller novels are made of.

Tsarizm will bring you any further news of course on the deadly phenomenon.

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