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Moldovan President Injured In Vehicle Crash…Hmmmm

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The President of the tiny, former Soviet republic of Moldova, which has been front and center in the struggle between East and West, and between corruption and freedom, was injured in a vehicle crash where his car flipped over near the city of Straseni, reported RT.

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The incident happened on Sunday, as Dodon was traveling from the Moldovan capital, Chisinau, to the western city of Ungheni, local media reported.

The president’s car reportedly flipped over during the crash, sources told local news agency Unimedia. Video footage of the crash site shows two black cars in a ditch near the road, one of which is overturned. A white truck with a damaged cabin can also seen on the road.

President Igor Dodon feels fine. He didn’t require medical treatment,” Dodon’s adviser Maksim Lebedinsky wrote on Facebook. He added that another vehicle crashed into the motorcade while violating traffic rules.

Over the last several years, 20% of the country’s banking assets were stolen in a massive bank theft scheme, that saw much of the money make its way to Russia. Kremlin security services have been heavily involved in preventing Moldova from gettin closer to the EU. President Dodon, in a largely ceremonial post, has argued and strived to be in Moscow’s sphere of influence. Also it was revealed that former government employees and local oligarchs were involved in laundering up to $20 billion from Russia through Moldova to Western banks in a scheme called the ‘Russian Laundromat’.

Recently, the mayoral elections in the capital Chisinau were overturned by a court which infuriated anti-corruption activists. Protests in the streets ensued as the people feel disenfranchised.

The accident involving Dodon is ‘curious’ to say the least, especially after the recent assassination of the pro-Russian leader of the Donetsk People’s Republic in East Ukraine, alone with the curious death in a vehicle accident of the PM of the pro-Russian, breakaway region of Abkhazia, while traveling near Sochi, Russia.

It is very possible that an old-fashioned Cold War scenario is playing out in Moldova as different forces vie for power in the desperately poor, Eastern European nation. Moldova also is home to 2,500 Russian troops and a massive, decaying Soviet ammunition dump inside the breakaway region of Transdniester, along the border with Ukraine.

Moldovan President Criticizes UN Resolution Regarding Removal Of Russian Troops From Transdniester

A ‘frozen conflict’ of the Soviet Union indeed.

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