Why Were We In Syria Again? Let These People Fight For Their Own Freedom

Special Forces (United States Army) soldier using the Javelin CLU to spot ISIL targets in Syria

“You just CAN’T leave Syria,” the media and the Establishment howl. “What about ISIS? What about our allies? What about Israel? You’re giving Syria to Russia and Iran!”

I for one have to throw the b.s. flag on this criticism. Don’t forget President Trump was elected by the American people to rid the United States of endless wars in the Middle East.

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Let’s walk through these one by one.

1. The Islamic State – ISIS is almost defeated. Yes, they have and will metastasize elsewhere. However, we have allies in the region, their region of the world. Turkey is a NATO ally and has a very large standing army; they border Northern Syria and a calm border is important to them. The Europeans are closer than us. Why should we keep thousands of ill-defended troops in the region, many of whom will die if they stay, in order to do what? Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the EU can defeat the remainder of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. My hunch is President Trump has arranged just that, using a deal with the now humbled Crown Prince in Riyadh, and with chastened Erdogan in Turkey, to ensure pressure remains on the terrorist group. POTUS recently said as much. Americans can come home.

2. The Kurds – As our insightful columnist Baruch Pletner outlined recently, America is not the border protection force for the Kurds. Yes, they helped us fight the Islamic State…so arm them, and allow them to fight for their own freedom and establish their own state. We do not need to do that for them. The United States military was not established for the protection of the Kurdish nation. This is a centuries old fight. A few thousand Americans are not going to turn the tide. Bring our troops home.

3. The Jewish State – Israel can take care of itself thank you.

4. The Kremlin – Russia does not have the economic might to continue to expand in the Middle East. Syria was always a Soviet base. Putin fought to save it for Russia. So what. We don’t need Middle Eastern oil anymore. Thanks to President Trump, we are now energy independent. Let them fight over the scraps of this God-forsaken region. You want to keep a few thousand Americans in the Syrian desert to stop Russia? The only way you are going to push Russia out of the Middle East is to go to war with them. We don’t want Syria. Bring our men and women home.

5. The real Islamic State of Iran – Iran is a major problem. However, a few thousand Americans are not going to effectively stop Iran’s expansion. The only solution to that problem is regime change. The Trump administration is well on its way to that end. I’m not talking about American troops; I’m talking about the Iranian Resistance. The PMOI/MEK is able and ready to bring down this murderous band of Islamic, extremist criminals. Let them to it. They are ready to establish a democratic, tolerant, open society in Iran. This is what the great Persian people deserve. In other words, do what Obama didn’t want to do. The Leftists in the West for some reason adore these evil mullahs. Let’s let the Iranian people free their own country. All they need is a little help, not our soldiers.

It’s time America worried about itself. It’s time we secured our borders. It’s time we paid off our ridiculous debt. It’s time we stopped listening to the failed policies of Washington, D.C. elites.

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It’s time we support America First! It’s time we support President Trump!

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