The Hi-Tech Traditionalist: Trump’s Mid-East Drawdown Is The First Step To Avoid WWIII

The two world wars brought Europe and the world to the brink of annihilation. Something needed to be done. The disease that brought humanity these unspeakable atrocities had to be diagnosed and treated and eventually cured. Unfortunately, tragically, the diagnosis arrived at by the powers on the winning side of World War II, the Americans, the Soviets, and the Western Europeans was wrong. Not only was it wrong, it was the diametric opposite of the correct one. The powers of the day, in a series of conferences in Teheran, Yalta, and Breton Woods, New Hampshire, decided (prompted, no doubt, by the wily Uncle Joe Stalin) that the root cause for the destruction of the European continent and the Pacific Rim was excessive tribalism, nationalism, patriotism. Once the diagnosis is made and the pathogens identified, it only makes sense that a plan ne made to defeat them and then immunize the patient, in this case all of humanity, against being infected again with their deadly poison.

The Hi-Tech Traditionalist: Is America’s Military Loyal To Its Commander In Chief?

The treatment included the systematic destruction in both Western and Eastern Europe of national markers, from religion to national dress. In the Pacific, Japan was handed, by Harvard-educated liberals, an anti-nationalist constitution. In the Soviet Union, “de-Nazification” campaigns sought to erase any traces of Ukrainian and Baltic languages and national identities. Later these efforts were replicated in the Caucuses and Central Asia. Treatment was the small part of the “never again” project; the biggie was the immunization effort. It was that effort that utterly destroyed the traditional world order and gave us the new one that we inhabit today. Some Trump supporters rant about the coming of a “New World Order”. Well, they are seven decades in arrears. This new world order was established in the late 1940’s and in the 1950’s and all the way through our present time. It was and is, the post-world wars “never again” immunization project. As part of it, the European Union with its open borders common markets and a common currency came into being. The world reserve status of the American dollar was one of its manifestations. The unmooring of the dollar from the gold standard in 1973 was another.

A massive web of military and economic alliances enveloped the globe. Minor trade disputes affecting a small number of nations would now be globalized and adjudicated in the World Trade Organization and the World Bank. The smallest open wound in the remotest part of the planet would be discussed for hours in the United Nations general assembly and its countless committees and subcommittees. The International Court of Justice in The Hague, provided another public venue for the airing out and the globalization of the smallest conflict or even personal grievance. These organizations provided the instruments by which any party to a regional conflict that by rights should have been on the losing side could delay or reverse the loss, bringing to its aid the full might of the so called “international community”. Countless conflicts around the globe that should have been nothing but local flare-ups with hardly any effect on global affairs, were fanned into major significance by the “never again” immunization effort of the post WWII era, efforts better known today as globalization.

Examples abound, but none is more indicative of them all than the Israeli-Arab conflict. From its origins as a fight between a few hundred thousand Jews and a similar number of Arabs over a narrow strip of land that at the time had no resources to speak of either natural or human, was fanned by the globalist machinery into a global conflict that repeatedly threatened to become the cause for the third world war. The history of this conflict should have been brief: Jews returned to their historic homeland, Israel. Arabs didn’t like it and resisted the creation of the Jewish state. A series of minor skirmishes in the 1940’s was followed by a decisive Jewish victory against the amassed might of the Arab world in 1948. This should have been the beginning and the end of a minor regional conflict. But it wasn’t. Both the Israelis and the Arabs sought to leverage the globalist post-war institutions to their advantage and the globalist superpowers of the day, America and the Soviet Union, engaged as they were in the fight for dominance in the new world order known today as the Cold War, saw in this conflict the perfect candidate for one of their little proxy wars. Thus a conflict that should have been over no later than 1973 when in the Yom Kippur War Israel defended its gains from the Six Day War, or in the 1990’s when Israel became a world high-tech superpower, persists to the current day. Countless UN resolutions, none of them ever implemented, various “blue helmets” roaming around the demarcation lines, international forums for virtue signaling and fundraising off of human tragedy, all serve to globalize and prolong a conflict that should have long since been forgotten.

Today, a similar fate is unfolding for other Middle Eastern conflicts: the latest flare-up of the millennium-old fight between Shia and Sunni Islam, the Kurdish drive for autonomy from their host countries, the war in Yemen. All are regional struggles that in the pre-globalization world would have been orders of magnitude cheaper in terms of treasure and, most importantly, in human blood. It is evident, painfully evident in fact that the diagnosis was wrong. That the world wars were born not of tribalism and hyper-nationalism, but quite on the contrary from early attempts to globalize regional conflicts by creating a web of binding military alliances that cascaded into the pan-European conflict known as World War One. The entre guerre attempt to revert back to the old model of nations that minded their own business, an attempt that found its manifestation in the isolationist movements in America and in Britain and in the tariff structures that were put in place by many countries at that time, all failed because the outcome of the war was not acceptable to the vanquished Germans and because other powers like Japan and even Italy were scrambling to carve out a space for themselves on the crowded world stage.

The effort to immunize humanity against repeating the horrors of the 20th century wars resulted in countless millions of dead, mass starvation, unchecked migration, loss of cultural treasures created over many centuries, degradation of personal and public morals to the point of non-existence, and finally an existential nihilism that seeks to deny humans the very right to exist on our own planet. By besmirching the wonderful stories we used to tell our children about their ancestors, by destroying the belief of entire generations of humans in the higher purpose of human life, by integrating the economies of the world into one unmanageable one size fits all mess, by providing forums in which every aggrieved party could globalize its grievances, the globalists have created the conditions for a truly global war the only outcome of which must be the destruction of the human race.

Too Many Vested Interests Against Peace With Russia

Trump’s decision to withdraw from Syria and at least partially from Afghanistan is the first move to step away from the brink of global conflict, to deescalate tensions, to return local conflicts, no matter how ugly to the hands of those who understand what the conflicts are about and who are personally vested in their outcomes. Why is it the business of any American whether the Alawites continue to lord it over the other Islamic factions in Syria? Why should anyone care if the Afghans accept or reject the murderous medieval rule of the Taliban? Why should we aid the secularist forces in Iran in their struggle to regain control of their own country? None of these can be considered the interests of any outside entity. What we should and can do is resist any attempt by any combatant in a local conflict to globalize it and to draw into it those who hide nefarious self-interest behind the veneer of humanitarianism. Any attempts to attack civilian or military installations outside of the narrow conflict region must be discouraged by the use of immediate and overwhelming force. The institutions, like the UN, the WTO, and the International Court of Justice that provide forums for the global airing of regional grievances should be dismantled or limited in scope solely to cultural, financial, and narrowly-defined humanitarian interests. Reginal winners must be allowed to win and losers to lose.

Globalizing and blowing out of proportion every minor conflict on the planet is big business. Perhaps the biggest business. The financial interests that would be hurt by a return to the old world order of nation states that mind their own business, rely on internal rather than external markets, and invest only in their own financial, cultural, and military development, are enormous. Like a deadly virus, these globalist interests, springing as they do from an unholy marriage of the statist twins known as fascism and communism, never consider the end game. The thought that the death of their host, be it an individual human being or the entire human race, will spell their own doom, never enters their minds. They act only in response to their own momentary self-interest, consequences be damned. The colorful persona of one George Schwartz (Soros) encapsulates in a single human being these murderous attributes of the globalist elites. Perhaps it is too late; maybe the infection has progressed beyond the point of no return. Humanity is lying on its deathbed, drenched in sweat. The night is long, will the fever break at sunrise?

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