Brussels Wants Rule Of The Liberal Elite In Poland, Not The Rule Of Law

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Last time I checked, Europe supposedly valued the concept of representative rule and the voice of the people in government. However, it seems those words are fine unless the people want something different from the liberal bureaucrats in Brussels.

We are witnessing this scenario play out in Poland where the statist EU parliament is battling the people’s voice, not so different from what we are seeing in the United States, where the Deep State, and the political party out of power, is fomenting a coup against a sitting president.

Judicial reform in Poland is sorely needed. Daniel Kawcinsnki, a British MP of Polish descent, put it this way, Poland’s judiciary remains a hangover from the Communist era; many of its judges were the very same who handed down long prison sentences to Solidarity activists. It is composed of an established elite, appointing and promoting its own, defending oligarchs and an old way of life, slow to react to cases of judicial corruption, quick to exercise judicial activism and a good deal removed from being simply the mouth that pronounces the law, in an oped at ConservativeHome.com.

Many Western political systems have the judiciary appointed by the people’s representatives. The Law and Justice Party in Poland, duly elected by the people with an historically large mandate, is simply trying to move the Polish system in that direction. Previously, judges were chosen by an elite ‘panel’, of course made up by Marxist judges, not the people’s representatives. For example, Congressional approval of the judiciary is a concept enshrined in the U.S. Constitution. Poland is not destroying the rule of law, it is attempting to mimic parts of the greatest document for freedom and liberty ever known to man, along with the Magna Carta.

Hungary To The Rescue For Poland In Its Fight Against EU

Populism and rule by the voice of the people have scared the Brussels elite who have grown used to dictating to the minions below from above. Central Europe’s economic success, and conservative and yes Christian values, also worry these cultural Marxists. Brussels is too busy destroying Europe’s security and culture by forcing millions of Islamic, economic migrants on the Continent, it can’t be bothered by some backwards (in their eyes) populist, conservative hold-outs past where that old wall used to stand, who don’t know what’s best for them.

And what about the demonstrations you ask? Haven’t the Polish people taken to the streets in the tens of thousands to protest the Polish judiciary changes? Well, if you believe these were spontaneous protests, I have some Soros-funded, migrants life boats in Libya to sell you. Of course, these Leftist demonstrations were funded by the extreme, open-border crowd, who want to bring down liberty and freedom across the planet, like the pink pussy hats in America, and who want the corrupt judiciary train to continue enabling their agenda.

The Marxist resurgence in the West is a thing. The rise of cultural Marxism is a thing. It is happening in Europe and it is happening in the United States. It is a global fight for the future of humanity.

Communism is all about control of others. Brussels wants you to do what they say, or they will find a way to hurt you, like the proposed EU budget that will take money away from Central Europe if they do not follow the dictates of those who know better than the people what is good for them.

EU To Launch Process In Attempt To Hammer Poland

When the wall fell, and the Cold War was won, communism didn’t die, it simply went underground in our media and universities, and the judiciary.

Rule of the people in Poland threatens their now ensconced elitist rule in the European Union, and it scares the hell out them.

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