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Putin Cuts The Rug With Austrian Foreign Minister On Way To Meet Merkel For Talks

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Russian President Vladimir Putin attended the Austrian foreign minister’s wedding and cut the rug with the newlywed in front of the local press. The move was seen as surprising due to Europe’s adversarial stance against Russia due to the Crimean annexation in 2014.

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Putin arrived in a car carrying a bouquet of flowers and accompanied, local media said, by a troupe of Cossack singers booked to serenade the newlyweds – on a stopover on his way to meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel outside Berlin. Photographs showed Kneissl, 53, smiling in a long white and cream “dirndl” dress and talking to Putin as they danced in a vineyard in southern Styria province, the venue of her wedding to entrepreneur Wolfgang Meilinger, reported The Telegraph.

Putin left the wedding for talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel to take place at the German government’s guesthouse in Meseberg, north of Berlin, reported Fox News. The two leaders were to discuss Ukraine, Syria, and the Nord Stream II pipeline.

U.S. President Donald Trump has criticized Germany’s development of the project with the Russian Federation and for Germany’s reliance on Russian gas while significantly underpaying for its contribution to the NATO alliance.

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