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Tsarizm Historian John Froebel-Parker Explains Anastasia Again On The Steve Gruber Show

John Froebel-Parker, is a retired NYS public school teacher of English as a New Language, director of Froebel Gallery and author of 7 books based on protagonists from his own family tree research. His latest book, Anastasia Again: The Hidden Secret of the Romanovs, is based on over 15 years of research into the claims of a woman known as Evgenia Smetisko that she was the surviving daughter of Tsar Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra Romanov, namely Grand Duchess Romanov. The conclusion, backed up by 2D and 3D visual face recognition technology developed by Mr Bob Schmitt, now of www.visualfacerecognition.com, and a host of other factors is that she was telling the truth. While experts in Russia claim her body is there, it seems she is really buried, hidden in plain sight, in the cemetery of an Upstate New York Russian Orthodox Monastery.

He explained his discoveries in-depth on Michigan in the Morning, The Steve Gruber Show recently.

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To listen to the entire interview click here.

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