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Latvia Says Russia Demonizing Deployed NATO Troops In Disinformation Campaign

Latvia Says Russia Demonizing Deployed NATO Troops In Disinformation Campaign

Russia has made its ‘near abroad’ and former Soviet territories a priority to bring back under its sphere of influence in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The Baltic nations are feeling the pressure and Latvia is openly discussing a disinformation campaign in the region to plant distrust in the local population against deployed NATO troops.

In reaction to the NATO presence in Latvia, the circulation of negative information aimed at deteriorating trust in the allied forces deployed to Latvia is a regular occurrence, the Defense Ministry told LETA [Latvian Information Service] , reported The Baltic Times.

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“‘In the information war of today, the emphasis is not on facts, but on emotions. If they are successful in stirring emotions within society – fear or anger – an article, comment or visual material has achieved its objective, even if the facts are false.”

The Defense Ministry informs that this circulated information is usually manipulated by using partly factual but mostly false facts, with the aim of influencing public opinion, wrote The Baltic Times.

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