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Merkel Spreads “Fake News” About Nord Stream II Pipeline – “Will Not Make Us Dependent On Russia”

Image by RIA Novosti
German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Vladimir Putin meeting in Novo Ogaryovo near Moscow.

Angela Merkel has chosen to ignore reality, as she has also done with the migrant crisis in Europe. Today the German leader denied that building a new pipeline under the Baltic Sea to deliver cheap gas from Russia will make Germany ‘dependent’ on Russian gas as highlighted by President Trump at a recent NATO conference. Germany spends an extremely low amount on its own defense, preferring to rely on the American taxpayer, all the while increasing Germany’s reliance on Russia for its own energy needs, after having ‘gone green’ in recent decades and destroyed its own energy infrastructure. The ‘green energy’ just isn’t cutting it.

Germany Refuses To Admit Energy Security Risks Of Nord Stream II

President Trump demanded that Germany increase its defense spending immediately and not wait another ten years to do so as the German government had suggested.

A planned sub-sea pipeline that will bring gas directly from Russia under the Baltic Sea will not make Germany dependent on Russia for energy, German Chancellor Angela Merkel told university students in the Georgian capital Tbilisi. On the second day of a trip to the countries of the Caucasus, many of which have an uneasy relationship with their larger northern neighbor, Merkel reaffirmed that Berlin wanted to make sure that Russia would continue to deliver some gas via Ukraine even after the Nord Stream 2 pipeline was finished, reported Reuters.

Polish PM Calls Nord Stream 2 ‘Weapon’ Of Hybrid Warfare

Currently much Russian gas has to travel through pipelines in Ukraine, providing transit fees to Kyiv, a critical source of revenue for the Ukrainian government. So while Russia is putting military pressure on East Ukraine, Merkel wants to solve her own self-inflicted energy crisis, making money for German businesses, all the while propping up Russia will billions in gas profits.

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