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Poland Backs The Donald…NATO Is Stronger Because Of Trump

The Polish president declared this week that the NATO alliance is stronger than ever due to the policies, and criticisms, of U.S. President Donald Trump, in a bid to further strengthen defenses against perceived Russian aggression from the east. President Andrzej Duda described reported divisions between NATO leaders at the recent summit as overstated.

Poland Says EU Needs More ‘Empathy’ Toward U.S. Over Iran Deal

President Andrzej Duda played down the severity of divisions between Trump and other NATO members at a two-day summit in Brussels, saying the important thing for Poland is that new commitments have been made to secure the region that lies close to Russia.

When asked during a news conference if he was still threatening to pull out of NATO and whether he can do so without Congress, Trump said: “I think I probably can but that’s unnecessary.” He said he was “extremely unhappy” with the situation, but that alliance members have upped their commitments to defense spending in response to his complaints. The Polish leader expressed surprise that other leaders would leak details of the confidential talks. During brief remarks to reporters, he mostly praised Trump’s approach. And he insisted — despite an impression to the contrary — that the rancorous discussions “undoubtedly confirm the North Atlantic Alliance’s unity — there is no question about it,”, reported Associated Press

When asked about Trump’s upcoming summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin Duda said, “It would really be shocking if it turned out that he [Trump] in any way would withdraw from the strategy of securing this part of the world. And it would be shocking if he made any concessions to Vladimir Putin, especially given what Russia is doing in Ukraine. It is an occupier, an aggressor.”

Poland has recently declared its desire for an American base in the former Warsaw Pact country and its willingness to foot the expense.

Poland Wants Permanent U.S. Military Base, Willing To Pay $2 Billion For It: Report

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