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Hungary Passes Law To Allow People To Earn More Money, Socialists Riot

Image by Szilas
Demonstration of the Dialogue for Hungary, 2016

The Hungarian Parliament passed a law this week allowing workers to earn more money; the socialist opposition instigated riots. It seems instead of wanting to work more to earn a higher standard of living, the trade unions would rather just have a higher minimum wage, despite the fact that this always leads to higher unemployment.

In Hungary, the law previously allowed for companies to demand a maximum of 250 hours of overtime in a given year. But for someone who works eight-hour days, the new amount of 400 hours is the equivalent of an hour of extra labour every day, an extra day’s work every week, or 50 extra days each year, reported BBC.

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“We have to remove bureaucratic rules so that those who want to work and earn more can do so,” Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Tuesday before the bill passed.

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