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Russian Legislature Recommends Review Of Nuclear Posture

An aerial starboard bow view of a Russian Navy Northern Fleet DELTA IV class nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine underway on the surface, supposedly this is K-18 “Karelia”

The Russian legislature has recommended a review of the posture of Russian nuclear forces and their use. The move came after Russia has initiated a massive modernization of her nuclear weapons.

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…participants in November 21 hearings organized by the Federation Council’s Committee for Defense and Security suggested that the presidential Security Council should draft a new version of the nuclear doctrine.

The lawmakers said in their nonbinding recommendations cited by the news agencies that the revised version of the doctrine should, in particular, spell out a response to a hypothetical use of hypersonic and other nonnuclear strategic weapons against Russia.

The proposals come two days after President Vladimir Putin chaired a meeting of top military officials to discuss a response to U.S. threats to pull out of a key nuclear arms treaty, reported RFERL.

Russian Media Dumbfounded At America Embracing Bolsheviks, Like The Ones That Destroyed Russia

After U.S. President Trump declared the United States would withdraw from the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty, Russian President Putin said the action. “wouldn’t be left without an answer from our side,” at the November 19 meeting in Moscow.

Trump has responded by getting a budget passed to refit America’s nuclear arsenal.

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