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Trump Putin Meeting Possible This Summer

Trump Putin Meeting Possible This Summer
Image by kremlin.ru

A summit between Russian President Vladimir Putin and American President Donald Trump seems to be in the cards this summer, declared Richard Hooker, Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Europe and Russia in US National Security Council.

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“I think that both sides are exploring an opportunity to meet, yes. I don’t think any decisions have been made, or details have been worked out, but I believe both sides are exploring an opportunity to try to do that,” he said, answering the question whether Washington is preparing for a possible meeting of the two leaders, reported Russian state news agency TASS.

According to him, Austria is considered as one of possible venues for the summit. “I am sure this is an option under consideration, but no decision has been made,” he said.

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On June 10, Putin confirmed that he was ready to meet with Trump as soon as the US was ready for it, reported TASS.

Asked whether he was planning to meet with Putin this summer, Trump said it was possible.

“It’s possible that we’ll meet, yeah,” Trump told reporters, reported Reuters.

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