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Thug Leader Finally Jailed For His Role In The Savage Killing Of Maidan Journalist

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Yuriy Krysin has received a five-year prison sentence for his role in the fatal attack on Vesti journalist Vyacheslav Veremiy during Euromaidan after the Kyiv Court of Appeal overturned the original four-year suspended sentence that had elicited outrage both in Ukraine and beyond. Photo from UNIAN The court on June 13 noted that there had been nothing, even during the appeal hearing, to suggest that Krysin repented of his actions, nor was there any evidence that Krysin had tried to prevent Veremiy’s death from his injuries. Viktoria Deineka, the lawyer representing Veremiy’s mother, explained that this was cited as one of the grounds for the appeal, as well as the fact that the first court had ignored the gravity of the crime for which a suspended sentence was insufficient, according to thre Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group…

Kyiv Three Years After Euromaidan…A Georgian’s View

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