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Djukanovic Wins Montenegrin Presidential Elections

Djukanovic Wins Montenegrin Presidential Elections
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According to the Centre for Election Monitoring (CEMI), Milo Djukanovic is the winner of yesterday’s Presidential election in Montenegro, with 53.9 percent of the vote. Mladen Bojanic came in second with 33.5 percent. The other six candidates could not reach a double-digit number of votes. The State Election Commission declared a participation of 61.6 percent before polls’closure.

Angry Russia Snaps Tourist Links With Montenegro For The Summer

Milo Djukanovic, the 56-year-old long-term President of DPS, the Montenegrin Democratic Party of Socialists, returns to the political field as a polarized figure that has the support of the West for geopolitical reasons.

Djukanovic has been Montenegro’s Prime Minister in three governments from 1991-1998; then again in 2003-2006, 2008-2010 and 2012-2016.

He has also been the Montenegrin President from 1998-2002.

His decision to return to the country’s leadership has to do with his pro-West attitude; he is determined to defend the Montenegrin course towards the EU and NATO, against regional tensions and global clashes with Russia. Montenegro became a NATO member in 2017 and is forwarding its negotiations for EU accession.

Haven’t We Had Enough In Montenegro?

Montenegro supports all EU sanctions against Russia. A few years ago, Djukanovic snapped traditional links with the Kremlin, accusing Moscow of interference in the coup d’état efforts during the October 2016 parliamentary elections in Montenegro.

Djukanovic’s opponents accuse him of nepotism and corruption. He enjoys the support of the majority of Montenegrins, who see his pro-West attitude as the key to their country’s development.

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