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Kremlin Messenger And Firebrand Zhirinovsky Says Russian Elections No More, Replaced By ‘State Council’

Image by Kremlin.ru

Russian firebrand Vladimir Zhirinovsky today hinted the recent presidential election would be Russia’s last. Zhirinovsky is a Russian ultranationalist politician and leader of the LDPR party (formerly Liberal Democratic Party of Russia), and has run for president many times.

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His comments are usually laughed off but previously, at the turn of the century, he foreshadowed the end of democracy in the Russian Federation. The Kremlin uses Zhirinovsky to float trial balloons and test out narratives in the press.

“Back in March 2000, when Putin was first elected, Zhirinovsky told stunned journalists at the Central Election Commission in Moscow that the “end of democracy” was coming and “you’re all on the list.” So perhaps we should seriously consider his comments today claiming that the March 18 presidential election would be Russia’s last,” writes RFERL.

Zhirinovsky told journalists in Moscow on Wednesday that by 2024, Russia’s “presidency will be replaced by a State Council, which will be not elected but appointed,” wrote RFERL.

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Perhaps Putin is jealous of Chinese President Xi, who was just named president for life.

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