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Ukrainian Human Rights Attorney’s Killer Arrested

 Ukrainian Human Rights Attorney's Killer Arrested
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The killer of a Ukrainian human rights attorney was arrested today in Kyiv and charged with murder. Iryna Nozdrovska was found floating in a river near Kyiv last week with her throat cut after preventing the killer of her sister from being released from prison. The man’s father was in the court room at the time of the decision regarding his son’s release and threatened Nozdrovska, saying she would meet a ‘sticky end’.

Rampant Political Corruption Harms Ukraine’s People

“The Kyiv region’s Vyshhorod district court on January 9 placed Yuriy Rossoshanskyy, 64, in custody for 60 days without the possibility of bail. During the hearing, Rossoshanskyy admitted the slaying and said that nobody exerted pressure on him to commit the crime. He is the father of Dmytro Rossoshanskyy, who was convicted of causing the death of Nozdrovska’s sister when he hit her with his car while driving drunk in 2015,” reported RFERL.

Ukrainian Lawyer Who Helped Prevent Sister’s Killer’s Release Found Murdered

Nozdrovska was buried next to her sister, Svitlana Sapatanyska.

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