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Russia Warns US, Canada AGAIN To Not Sell Weapons To Ukraine

Russia Warns Ukraine Not To Cut Diplomatic Ties

The Russian Federation has long warned the West about selling weapons to the government of Ukraine to allow it to wage a more effective war against pro-Russian separatists fighting in East Ukraine. The rebels are supported by Moscow and even enjoy Russian artillery sometimes allegedly fired from inside Russia. Today at the United Nations, Russia one again self-servingly warned the West again about providing weapons to the Ukrainian armed forces to counter Russian capability.

“Russia has warned the US and Canada about consequences of arms shipments to Ukraine. Speaking at a meeting of the UN Security Council, Russia’s first deputy permanent representative to the UN, Pyotr Ilyichev said that shipments of US and Canadian weapons to Ukraine are pushing the country’s leadership to new military adventures,” wrote Russian state news agency TASS.

Ukraine Brings Russia Before International Court Of Justice

“We would like to recommend those who are pushing (the countries) to such decisions and take them, to think about responsibility. It is clear that the pumping of Ukraine with American and Canadian means of war pushes the country’s leadership, which sabotages the Minsk agreements, to new military adventures. Everyone should understand that the conflict in the Donbass will not be resolved by force, and those who give arms to the murderers will be to blame for the death of people there, “Ilyichev said.

Members of the U.S. national security staff have advocated selling Ukraine a $42 million package of ‘Javelin’ anti-tank missiles which could provide a big deterrent against Russian armor moving into the Donbass region, or even further West towards Kyiv. However, this capability would not protect against accurate, devastating Russian artillery.

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