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Russia Condemns North Korean Nuclear Test

Russia Condemns North Korean Nuclear Test

Today Russia condemned North Korea in the strongest terms after Kim Jong-un’s regime tested what could possibly be a hydrogen bomb, his sixth nuclear test. The Kremlin urged calm.

“This latest demonstrative disregard by Pyongyang of the requirements of the relevant resolutions of the UN Security Council and the norms of international law deserves the strongest condemnation,” the foreign ministry in Moscow said, reported AFP.

Russia Warns Trump On North Korea Strike

North Korea was “creating a serious threat” for the region and warned that “the continuation of such a line is fraught with serious consequences” for Pyongyang.

“In the unfolding conditions, it is imperative to remain calm and to refrain from any actions that lead to a further escalation of tension…We call on all interested parties to immediately return to dialogue and negotiations as the only possible way for an overall settlement of the problems of the Korean peninsula.”

Further Crackdown On Latvian Banks Violating North Korean Sanctions

Although Moscow publicly is saying the right things that could possibly lead to the possible testing of weapons by the North, behind the scenes, the Kremlin has been aiding the North Korean regime in a variety of ways. Providing fuel training for engineers, and education for students are just some of the ways Russia has been aiding the North.

Perhaps now we will see if Russia is serious and if the assistance stops to Kim Jong-un.

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