The Hi-Tech Traditionalist: Bolshevism Is Bad…It Is Particularly Odious When It Is Imposed By Corrupt Nepotic Elites

America woke up to find itself ruled by corrupt unelected neo-Bolsheviks and it is much the worse for it
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America woke up to find itself ruled by corrupt unelected neo-Bolsheviks and it is much the worse for it 

Many Americans think that affirmative action or “corrective discrimination” as it is less euphemistically called in Hebrew, is an American invention. Nothing can be further from the truth. A version of it, perhaps the original version, was practiced with gleeful vehemence by the Russian Bolsheviks as soon as they won the Russian civil war and consolidated their power over what was left of the Russian Empire. The Bolsheviks created an entire class of people known as “byvshiye liudi”, former people. These people were, in the Bolsheviks’ minds and in their practice people who belonged to Russia’s past, but not to her future. Just like the alien in the movie Independence Day who, when asked what the aliens wanted humans to do told the American president that they wanted them to die, the Bolsheviks had a similar message for the former people: they simply wanted them to die.

Like the aliens, the Bolsheviks were not inclined to wait for the natural demise of these “former people”. On the contrary, they were quite willing to expend the necessary resources to help them along to a speedy demise. Unlike the aliens, the Bolsheviks had another element in their strategy, one that was very much front and center: revenge. The Bolsheviks, be it in Russia, China, or Cambodia, didn’t want the former people to just die, they wanted them to suffer first, they wanted revenge. Who were these former people, these zombies, these walking dead? What have they done to deserve a fate so horrible as to be not only exterminated, but first tortured in labor camps and then, post-mortem, erased from the pages of history? Were they hardened criminals, sadistic prison camp guards, the Tsar’s gendarmerie, perhaps? Not at all. These were people who were the very essence of Russia: doctors, lawyers, engineers, business owners, scientists, teachers, and small-time farmers. The crime for which they were being so severely punished was simply having a measure of success under the previous government, in the Russian Empire. 

Bolshevism Is Bad. It Is Particularly Odious When It Is Imposed By Corrupt Nepotic Elites.
Members of the Russian Neo-bolshevik party hold a copy of the newspaper “Limonka” at a protest rally in Moscow
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In the Bolsheviks’ eyes, that former regime was so odious that anyone who had helped it succeed by being reasonably successful themselves, had to be eradicated. Not only that. As, following the insane policies enacted by ideologically pure Bolsheviks, Russia was descending into predictable chaos Venezuela-style, these former people were constant reminders of the better times not so long ago. With their genteel demeanor, the few items of well-made clothing or expensive personal accessories they had not yet sold to buy food for their families, they were a walking, living reminder of the suicide that Russia had committed when it allowed itself to be taken over by a gang of insane criminals. 

The fate of the former people was sealed, but the question of what to do with their offspring was as yet unresolved. Would the sins of the fathers be visited upon the sons and the daughters? Will, as the Bible puts it, the teeth of the kids be worn down because the parents had eaten unripe fruit? The Bolsheviks deliberated and the answer was a resounding yes. The progeny of the former people would be suppressed, oppressed, humiliated, and deprived of every opportunity. To this end, every applicant for college, trade school, university, or government job would be given a secret score, one which would determine their fate and that of their children and children’s children. Born into an engineer’s family? Into a farm that employed a few farmhands? Didn’t experience adversity growing up? Your social score would be so low that you will never see the inside of a university classroom for as long as you live.

That word, adversity. Haven’t we heard it somewhere just recently? Where was that? Ah, yes, the College Board folks of SAT fame. They have apparently just instituted a secret adversity score of their own. Little Mae-Ling, ever the dutiful daughter, nailed her SAT’s to say nothing of her concert-level violin playing and volunteering with injured puppies, so she is a shoe-in for Ivy League, right? Not so fast, says College Board. Let us see now. Has Mae-Ling spent her entire life in a ZIP code where median house price is about a million bucks? Both parents have PhDs and one a professional degree to boot? Did she go to a private school with an excellent IB program? Well, then! Clearly she cannot be allowed to profit from the privilege which her parents earned with their blood, sweat, and tears. Who do these people think they are, anyway? 

So little Mae-Ling, after working her butt off her entire life and costing her parents half a million dollars in after tax money before she was seventeen years of age, gets a secret adversity score so low that even a 1600 combined SAT score cannot overcome. After all, it is the American Bolsheviks masquerading as private organizations like the College Board, not the American people and individual Americans that determine who gets a shot at success in America and who doesn’t. 

Having been born in the USSR, I have hated the Russian Bolsheviks my entire life. I hate the American ones infinitely more. The Russian Bolsheviks won power by fighting in the trenches. They went to every village to do agitprop, their own brand of weaponized propaganda. They formed a huge army, equipped it, fed it, and successfully led it to victory over some of Russia’s most talented generals in the civil war of 1918. Their decrees about the suppression of the former people and their progeny were debated at the plenum of the Communist Party and duly passed. They were then signed by all the appropriate functionaries and made public for everyone to see, including their underlying rationale. They did what they did openly from a place of ideological conviction, one that they were certain was shared by the majority of Soviet citizens, a reasonable assumption at the time. 

In comparison, the American Bolsheviks spreading like some toxic fungus in American bureaucracy, academia, and the military, are the worst kind of treasonous sellouts that the world as ever seen. Hiding in the shadows, protected by various shields designed to protect entirely different things like academic tenure and federal employee status and the status of “private” companies, they enact the agenda of their Chinese paymasters by assiduously following the Bolshevik playbook invented in Russia and so effectively used to destroy her. 

Bolshevism Is Bad. It Is Particularly Odious When It Is Imposed By Corrupt Nepotic Elites.
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Academic freedom and tenure was put in place to advance research, including research that is not immediately popular or profitable. Federal employee protections were instituted to shield them from the vagaries of changing administrations and help develop a capable and professional cadre of bureaucrats. Non-interference by the government in private business is a cornerstone of American law, but not when said “private company” has a monopoly on determining who gets ahead in America bypassing all three branches of government. 

The Soviet Union collapsed when the ideological fervor of the founding generation of Bolsheviks, people who for all their faults were willing to walk the walk as well as talk the talk was succeeded by a cadre of fat bureaucrats who have never fought in the trenches or done an honest day of work in the lives. The USSR was brought down by the corrupt nepotism of third generation party functionaries who cared about nothing other than drinking vodka and eating caviar in their country dachas. 

America seems to have skipped the revolutionary part of revolution. There was no uprising, no civil war. No troops with fixed bayonets stormed the halls of the Capitol, no revolutionary guards were placed in the Congressional rotunda. We have simply accepted that Congress is irrelevant, that the normal legislative process is too high a burden to bother shouldering. We have delegated all critical decisions about our future to a few unelected judges and a cadre of shadowy deep-staters, some of whom pretend to work for the private sector. 

We have surrendered the future, indeed the very lives of our children to this unholy cabal that may be answerable to someone, but sure as heck not to the American people. Abortion law in America is not a law at all. It is an arbitrary ruling by a few people who abuse their powers on a daily basis regardless of what president appointed them. College admissions have been subcontracted to a corrupt organization accountable to no one and to universities that are infested with anti-Republicanism and outright totalitarianism. Our privacy rights were sold to people in jeans and tee-shirts who spend their time in walled off compounds and private islands. We bypassed ideological renewal and went straight to geriatric nepotism and boundless corruption. Good luck to us.

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