The Hi-Tech Traditionalist: Trump Has Already Extracted A Price For Kashoggj, Open Your Eyes

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The Matrix movie trilogy has acquired a cult following not because of its special effects, but because it tells us something that is fundamentally true about our post-modern world. It is not difficult to see why many people today feel like they are living in a lie that is nestled inside of many other, bigger lies. Like the Russian nestling dolls called “Matryoshka”, we can’t help but feel that we are the tiniest most insignificant objects buried deep inside multiple layers of garishly painted facades that somebody for some reason had erected around us.

The so-called “theory of evolution” is settled science, they tell us. We have this chemical code known as the DNA molecule and this code mutates and then those mutations that are successful survive and those that aren’t die out. We are descendants of apes, they tell us, and our code is only marginally different than theirs. But apes have two and only two sexes that are hardwired via X and Y chromosomes, whereas we, their close relatives, have fifty sexes and a dial-a-sex button that allows us to choose, at any time, any one of these fifty.

Battlefields in The Global War on Terror

We all know that value is proportionally related to scarcity, the less there is, the more it’s worth. And yet money, our symbol of value, has unlimited supply. A guy or a gal sitting in some office somewhere can make a trillion dollars by typing 1000000000000 and hitting “enter”. They can, they have, and they will again. But wait, wouldn’t unlimited supply equal zero value? Not according to our simulation masters.

Trump Is Right About Climate Change, China, And The Democrats

Settled science was so successful with evolution that it got another go at it with climate change. In the year 2000, we were told that twenty years hence, i.e. now, kids in New Jersey will have never seen snow, polar bears would live only in zoos and Miami skyscrapers would be under water. In the meantime kids in Englewood are building snowmen in their backyards on Thanksgiving Day, polar bears are catching seals on the most extensive arctic icepack seen in many decades, and the Miami Mandarin Oriental, elevation one inch above sea level, is six hundred bucks a night in the off-season. But the science is settled and shut up, right?

We all feel it in our guts that we are much more at ease with people who share our values, but we are told that injecting people how share none of our values, who, in fact have values that directly oppose ours into our smallest and most vulnerable communities is the best idea ever. Crime rises, trust diminishes, exotic diseases reappear, all measurable and measured by bulletproof statistics, but who are we to believe our own eyes?

Islam is rabidly homophobic and misogynistic on every level as demonstrated by the treatment of homosexuals and women in Islamic countries. But importing Muslims promotes LGBT tolerance and advances women rights and whoever disagrees must be silenced at all costs.

Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud

A Saudi intelligence operative by the name of Khashoggi of whom not one American in a million has any knowledge was murdered by his own employers for going rogue on them. They did it in their own embassy in Turkey, technically on Saudi soil. Amazingly, the Saudis neglected to sweep their digs for Turkish bugs and so the murder was recorded on tape. Our simulation masters want us to believe that the rubbing out of a rogue intelligence officer by his own outfit thousands of miles away from American shores in a foreign country should be the top reason for the outrage du jour for all Americans. The code for this piece of the simulation must have been rather hastily written, since it is as full of bugs as the Saudi embassy in Ankara.

Khashoggi’s “green card” proved to be a hoax and his status as “journalist” derived from a few opinion pieces in the Washington Post.

The weakness of any simulation that departs from self-evident truths as far as the one imposed on us by our globalist masters is a very simple one. It only works as long as the majority of us want it to work. Our fiat money is the best example of this phenomenon. Every single financial analyst, given a truth serum, would affirm that no currency in the world today is representative of anything that has real value, simply because its supply is both unlimited and arbitrary. And yet, the same analysts would never admit this publicly, because that would cause the collapse of the world economy, which is wholly based on the fiction that currency represents real value.

All it takes to leave the simulation is the choice to do so. In the Matrix, this will is symbolized by taking the red pill. In the Andersen parable on the boy who cried that the king had no clothes, it is allegorized by a naïve child, willing to speak the obvious truth, blissfully unaware of the consequences.

The biggest problem facing the world today is that the masters of our simulation, in its eighth decade of existence, have completely lost control of it. Our simulation was created in a series of international conferences in the 1940’s: Teheran, Yalta, Breton Woods. It was created with the best of intentions; the carnage brought about by the World War Parts I and II could not be allowed to repeat itself. Not with nuclear weapons entering the scene. And what was the mechanism chosen for the avoidance of such disasters in the future? It was the suppression of the “atavistic” nationalist and patriotic impulses, found primarily among the working classes. This suppression was already well under way in the Soviet Union and its Eastern European client states, and it was now to be extended to Western Europe via the nascent European Union and to America via the dilution of constitutional federalism and the unconstitutional enlargement of the federal government way beyond anything envisioned by the Founding Fathers. The American Dollar, chosen as the de-facto world currency, was to be the primary instrument of simulation fine-tuning.

The Hi-Tech Traditionalist: Trump Has Already Extracted A Price For Kashoggj, Open Your Eyes
President Barack Obama holds a roundtable interview with regional reporters Jamal Kashoggi and Sarkis Naoum,(right) at Cairo University in Cairo, Egypt, June 4, 2009. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

Good intentions notwithstanding, the algorithm at the base of this simulation proved to be inherently unstable. And in truth, who can blame people like Roosevelt, and Churchill, and Stalin, all born in the 19th century for not foreseeing the incredible technological advances that would soon hit the world. Who can blame them for not predicting that the Islamic world, utterly irrelevant in the first half of the 20th century, would pose such a challenge to peace in the second? Children of the first industrial revolution, they could never have imagined China, using the tool set of the information revolution catching up to the rest of the world in a couple of decades rather than centuries.

China Is Behind Much Of What Is Happening To America

Unstable systems exhibit highly nonlinear behavior; early on they depart only slightly from the charted course. Corrections are made, feathers remain unruffled. But later, with increasing speed, the system spins out of control, exhibiting in the latter stages, just before the big bang, bizarre behaviors that no one could have predicted. Our post-WWII simulation known in some circles as the New World Order, is now entering this stage. Ever more bizarre statements are made by supposedly serious people, ever more outrageous and self-evident lies are given the status of unassailable gospel. When your train has lost its brakes and is hurtling towards the abyss, your only choice is to jump off, consequences be damned.

In the United States under the leadership of President Trump, beleaguered as he may be, in Eastern Europe, and even in England and in France and in Germany there are signs that more and more people are doing just that. There are signs that rather than adapting human nature, with its innate patriotism and nationalism and even tribalism to the realities of a nuclear-armed, silicon-connected world, more and more people understand that it is technology that needs to adapt to human nature and not the other way around. More and more world leaders, those with true popular support, choose to reject the falsehoods that are forced on us by our simulation masters and revert to the eternal truths on which all human civilization is founded.

The Hi-Tech Traditionalist:  Trump Has Already Extracted A Price For Kashoggj, Open Your Eyes

When a critical mass arises of people who refuse to play the game and participate in the simulation, the simulation is done for. This is well understood by the simulation masters who will spare no effort to stop it from happening. Expect more bans, more deplatforming, more public shaming, more expulsions from schools and workplaces, more Antifa violence. But their cause is lost, their control of the narrative, if they ever had it, is long gone. Senators like Lindsay Graham and Rand Paul and Chuck Schumer may rant and grandstand and yell that Khashoggi’s murder is some sort of unprecedented event, as ridiculously a frivolous falsehood as had ever existed, but to no avail. Serious people like President Trump will throw them the smallest bone they can get away with and move on to bring the world back to reality, back to nature, back to God.

Trump has already extracted from Mohammad Bin Salman a price for making him lose face with his botched assassination. It wasn’t dollars or defense contracts; it was something much more important. The Sultan on Oman, a kingdom on the Arabian Peninsula within driving distance from Mecca and Medina, welcomed Prime Minister Netanyahu to his country and following the visit gave a speech on video stating that Jews and their religion, Judaism, were authentic and inseparable parts of the Middle East and that hence Jews deserved to be there in their own homeland, Israel. Such a statement by a leader of a country bordering Saudi Arabia would be totally unthinkable without the explicit permission from the Saudi royal house. It was all but unreported by American infantile propaganda services known as the main stream media, and yet it is a truly historic event that has only just begun to reverberate in the region. More recently, the president of Chad, a fundamentalist Islamic country in Northern Africa visited Jerusalem and a visit by PM Netanyahu to Bahrein, a kingdom even closer to Saudi heartlands than Oman is being talked about. This is how peace in the Middle East is made; not by clinging to bits of legacy code having nothing to do with reality, but by real wheeling and dealing and convincing and cajoling and finally, winning.

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