Trump Is Right About Climate Change, China, And The Democrats

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After just finishing the revealing book by Michael Pillsbury, “The Hundred Year Marathon,” which outlines in frightening detail the slow but deadly quest of China to dominate the United States, and their deceit and subterfuge to achieve that goal, I am more convinced than ever that the climate change scam is funded and enabled by the Chinese state, and yes, as a weapon to destroy the West.

China Is Behind Much Of What Is Happening To America

And man is it brilliant, and scarily enough, it almost worked.

The recent federal report on the subject, which was funded and pushed by liberal tycoons Michael Bloomberg and Tom Steyer, who both want to run for president, once again made false conclusions from manufactured evidence. This “project,” along with the scores before it, can be easily broken down into its deceitful elements by any self-respecting scientist, one that has not drunk the climate Kool-Aid or, better yet, taken the climate money. There is a reason that time after time, these “scientists” are busted for faking the data and outright lying to the public.

However, if you think logically, it makes perfect sense that the entire “global warming” then “climate change” narrative was cooked up by America’s adversaries to enable our enemies to eventually dominate us. What better way to halt our economic growth while enabling theirs? What better way to allow China to catch up with the West in its manufacturing capacity than to stop ours and jumpstart theirs? Ever wonder why the biggest carbon emitter (that being China) always had promises of cutting carbon emissions or future dates to do so, while ours were immediate?

The climate change agenda is really only about control, as all Marxists policies are. Communists cannot compete in a fair contest, therefore they have to steal. Most cannot compete in the real world, so they have to take from others. The global warming scam is just a way for nations to take from other more successful nations.

And man has it worked.

President Obama pushed to “put a lot of coal miners out of business” and rob America of its plentiful, cheap energy. He stopped the Keystone Pipeline. He regulated our oil industry to death, but it grew anyway, thanks to American ingenuity and our pioneer spirit, in spite of the Obama seditious agenda.

Our economy was on its knees, never breaking above 3 percent per year during his presidency.

All the while, his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and God knows who else in the Democratic Party, were taking millions for themselves to sell out the country to China.

Yes, the “Hundred Year Marathon” was working splendidly.

Then along came Donald J. Trump, who threw a wrench into the Democrats’ and the Communist China’s plan to destroy America.

He was the only politician running for president who had the guts to tell the truth. He didn’t need China’s money. He saw through their deceptions, and said so out loud, over and over.

Poor Barack Just Can’t Stop Lying

And he was right.

Yes, the climate change agenda is about destroying the West. Yes, the Democratic Party is in China’s pocket (just ask Sen. Dianne Feinstein). Yes, our education system and our political system are corrupted by Beijing.

And, yes, Donald Trump is saving the country from this monstrous evil.

Originally posted at The Washington Times

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