Poor Barack Just Can’t Stop Lying

I remember very clearly several years ago a news video of Barack Obama walking in the Rose Garden and saying to some international guest, “I can do whatever I want you know, I’m the President of the United States.”

What narcissism. And, it’s only gotten worse.

He can’t stop lying.

We’ll all heard Barack take credit for the Trump economy; of course it had nothing to do with the Trump tax cuts, the Trump de-regulation, the Trump optimism, the Trump trade policy.

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However, it is the whopper yesterday that drove me to write this column, when Barack told the world it was really him that should have credit for the American energy boom.


This is the same Barack who did everything in his power to shut down the hydrocarbon industry in North America. This is the same Barack who shut down the Keystone Pipeline. This is the same Barack whose secretary of state said in public they would put a whole lot of coal miners out of business. This is the same Barack who pushed his climate change agenda to decommission scores of coal-fired power plants.

I mean really, what is he smoking?

He just can’t help it. It makes him lose sleep that Trump is getting the credit Trump deserves, and Obama is getting the credit he deserves – that he was a Marxist idiot who had horrible economic policies that caused the American economy to freeze up like a piston engine that ran out of oil.

The bright side of all this is that the American people can finally see what a liar Barack Obama has been all this time. Even those independents who believed the Obama narrative about calming the oceans and all that jazz have to admit in a moment of self-realizing truth that he is a deceiver and narcissist.

Everything about Barack Hussein Obama was a lie.

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If only the younger generations would open their eyes, because the Obama legacy, if they continue to follow his prescriptions, will only bring them a world of hurt in the future.

We at Creative Destruction Media will be doing all we can to make sure his legacy is seen for what it is, a deceitful, destructive period in American history.

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