Trump Is Changing The Game With China In Favor Of US National Security

The tariffs against China by the Trump administration are not just for economic reasons, although economics plays a major part in the reasoning behind them. The main reason for the tariffs is just what President Trump said: national security.

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China is an adversarial, mercantilist economy. And oh, by the way, they are communist as well — you know, that ideology that only killed a few hundred million people last century. This mercantile strength is leading to “near peer” military capability. China believed they would at some point in the near future gain military superiority over the United States. Mr. Trump believes the trend has to be reversed. And he is right.

China’s wealth has not come through hard work and ingenuity, as it has in America. No, the trillions in foreign currency reserves has come through intellectual property theft, currency manipulation, and just all-around cheating. This deception has been enabled by the globalists in the West, even shockingly by American companies who would rather gain the crumbs the Chinese give them in their markets (while forcing them to give up their technology to Chinese firms) instead of protecting American national security.

You can see the phenomenon play out today with the statements from the Koch Brothers, and the bought-and-paid-for politicians who parrot their agenda. Many in Congress decided long ago that money from lobbyists was better than heartfelt thanks from Middle America.

Letting the air out of the Chinese economy, defeating the narrative that “managed economies” actually work (they only work if they cheat, and then only for a period of time), and reducing the Chinese military threat are all on the White House’s agenda.

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This agenda needs to be supported.

The last three administrations have whiffed on this problem. They wanted the dirty Chinese money.

This is why it is so critical for conservatives, and those that just love America and what she stands for, to get registered to vote for these midterms. The globalists in Congress, the Deep State, and our unpatriotic corporations are dead set on defeating the Trump agenda, opening the borders forever, destroying the American middle class and emasculating our national security. To borrow a phrase often repeated — but this time it’s true — this is the most important election in your lifetime. We are facing a “domestic enemy” that has to be defeated at the ballot box.

Get registered, get your friends registered, and get out and vote!

Originally posted at The Washington Times

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