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Iran Arresting Large Numbers Of Women Protesting The Regime…Where Are The Feminists?

Iranian regime forces have been arresting large amounts of female protesters as demonstrations continue to flare up around the country. Religious leaders see protesting Iranian women as a primary threat to the regime as they are rebelling against male, religious abuse and control.

A devastated man at the protest in Daneshjoo Park takes a video. He weeps and curses the government for taking the women. The security forces said we’ve taken her to protect you, reported Iran News Wire.

Below a terrified group of women smuggled out a video of themselves inside an Iranian security forces vehicle, shouting out their names, so their families would know they have been arrested.

Women’s Committee of NCRI has monitored the scenes closely. This video on their twitter shows a couple of young girls calling out their names. This was their last chance to give their identity on the internet. They fear that nobody knows they’ve been taken away by security forces. Many families still search for their missing children who have been arrested at protests.

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One hotbed or protest is the city of Karaj where many females have been arrested. This city is also known for its political prisoners held at Rajai Shahr Prison. One reliable source informed six prisoners were executed there last month.

Of course feminists in the West are silent…because in the West, feminism is not about the women, it’s about power and control, the agenda behind all types of Marxism.

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