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Iran’s Attorney-General Threatens Striking Truckers With Execution And Arrest

Iranian truck drivers have begun their second round of a nationwide strike on the 27th September to protest rising cost, low paychecks and high spare parts prices.

As this strike entered its second week, Iran’s Attorney-General Mohammad Jafar Montazeri threatend the strikers with execution.

Montazeri said: “According to the information we have, in some routes, some of the cities, there are elements who are provoking some of the truckers, or possibly blocking them and creating problems for them. They are subject to the rules and regulations of banditry and the punishment of the bandits according to the law is very severe, sometimes resulting in the death penalty.”

On the other hand, the Fars Province Transportation Director General called the strike of truck drivers rumors and said: “It’s been a few days that rumors about truck drivers’ strikes have been circulating in the media and in cyberspace. This misuse by [regime] opponents from the needs of the truck drivers to create crisis in the country is clear for every Iranian,” reported Iran News Wire.

Video clips posted online by striking Iranian truck drivers showed the strike has spread to more than 200 Iranian cities and provinces.

You can watch the video here.

Truckers have rejected the officials’ promises as lip service and say they will continue the strike until all of their demands are met.

In May, the general secretary of the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF), Stephen Cotton, wrote to Hassan Rouhani stating that ITF backs fair wages for truckers. He also reiterated the need for a free trade union that can pursue transport safety for drivers.

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